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Horrors! Golf courses snub King Putt!

Posted September 10, 2014 By Jonathon A.W. Smith

Good day all. News has come out that a terrible injustice has occurred. Several exclusive golf courses have REFUSED to allow Barack Obama to play on their courses over the Labor Day weekend.

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Paula Preisse informs people what Obamacare doesn’t cover

Posted September 3, 2014 By Jonathon A.W. Smith

Good day all. Our favorite moonbat is back after her “teddy bear” problem and is taking more calls helping people sign up for that wonderful Obamacare.

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How to speak leftist

Posted August 30, 2014 By Jonathon A.W. Smith

Good day all. I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. In the spirit of the holiday, I’m not going to post a long screed about anything. I’m going to let someone else do the work. In this case, I’m going to let Andrew Klavan give you a brief introduction in “How to speak Leftist.” Here is your instructor, Andrew Klavan.

Well, I certainly feel a little bit better prepared to speak to a leftist. Or, actually, I have another reason to ignore anything they say. Generally they don’t have much to say anyway and none of them have had an original thought in….well, I can’t recall the last time a leftist ever had an original thought.

A typical tolerant Democrat


~The Angry Webmaster~

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Paula Priesse, Obamacare Navigator part 3

Posted August 28, 2014 By Jonathon A.W. Smith

Greetings all. Today is day Three of Paula Priesse’s new job as an Obamacare navigator. Her first two days weren’t really very good. She still hasn’t figured out that her computer is infected with a truth virus.

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