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Seattle moonbats launch naval assault on Shell Oil

Posted May 26, 2015 By Angry Webmaster

Good day all. I heard about this bit of idiocy from the fine pages of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler last week. I’ve been busy so I haven’t had time to comment…until now. It seems that a pack of hypocritical moonbats, (But I repeat myself), have decided to blockade an oil drilling platform owned by Shell Oil.


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UN Scientists say time is running out on Global Warming!

Posted May 18, 2015 By Angry Webmaster

Good day all. Did you know that United Nations scientists have said that time is running out and soon it will be to late to correct Global Warming? Yes, it’s true. If we don’t cede all power to the UN, the Earth will blow up and we will all die!


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Thousands march to stop global warming

Posted April 21, 2015 By Angry Webmaster

And nearly freeze to death doing so. Good day all, we have yet another instance of Moonbat Madness, this time in Quebec City. Thousands of morons marched to protest man caused global warming.

Al-Gore Fire Breathing Dragon

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Signs that warm weather has returned

Posted April 12, 2015 By Angry Webmaster

Good day all. I’ve been busy, but just came up to order some pizza. When I went out, I noticed how warm it has become this fine day. As I drove to the pizza place, I noticed all the ladies who have shed their winter clothes. It occurred to me that there are three types of women. Now the criteria is that they must be of child bearing age.

This, of course, doesn’t mean legal age, except in Arkansas. (Those you look at, smile and do not touch or I will come after you) Now the three types are easily described.

Those who you wish would remove more garments, those who who understand that they really should stay covered, and those who think they are in the first group when they should be given a discount card for Aishia’s House of Burqas. Yes, some people should just remain covered with as much cloth as possible.

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