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Remember this guy, Brian Williams?

Posted April 26, 2015 By Angry Webmaster

How quickly we forget. Brian Williams was the New Anchor for NBC until he was caught outright lying about things that he was involved in. He was then suspended and a full investigation began.

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Hillary’s next scandal, Clinton Cash

Posted April 20, 2015 By Angry Webmaster

Good day all. There is a new book coming out in a few days that is already raising concerns on Hillary Clinton’s viability as a presidential candidate. The book, titled “Clinton Cash” is scheduled for release on May 5th and early reviewers are already saying this could end Hillary and Bill’s dreams of a return to the White House.

Hillary Clinton for president?

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Review: Netflix’s Daredevil

Posted April 18, 2015 By Angry Webmaster

Greetings one and all, it is I, the Angry Webmaster, bringing you a review, (With no thanks to that thug, The Angry Systems Administrator), on Netflix’s newest original offering, Marvel’s Daredevil.


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Netflix’s DareDevil

Posted April 13, 2015 By Angry Systems Administrator

Good day all. This is the angry Systems Administrator. I’ve just come from the Anger Central Entertainment Center. No, I’m not reviewing Marvel’s DareDevil now showing on Netflix.


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