“An Opinion on Gun Control”

There has been a very loud call for a return to the “Assault Weapons Ban” of the Clinton era. The latest iteration would be far worse for citizens and do absolutely nothing to stop criminals. Well, a blog post by Larry Correia regarding gun control and the 2nd Amendment has gone viral.

Since Mr. Correia posted it a couple of days ago, it has over 100,000 page views and is climbing rapidly. The blog post, “An Opinion on Gun Control” is very lengthy, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 words. It starts out with Mr. Correia talking about his background as a firearms instructor, his ownership of a gun store and his current role as a professional novelist. In other words, he is extremely knowledgeable about the 2nd Amendment and guns.

Here are a few quotes from Mr. Correia’s post:

So now that there is a new tragedy the president wants to have a “national conversation on guns”. Here’s the thing. Until this national conversation is willing to entertain allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons, then it isn’t a conversation at all, it is a lecture.

Now when I say teachers carrying concealed weapons on Facebook I immediately get a bunch of emotional freak out responses. You can’t mandate teachers be armed! Guns in every classroom! Emotional response! Blood in the streets!

No. Hear me out. The single best way to respond to a mass shooter is with an immediate, violent response. The vast majority of the time, as soon as a mass shooter meets serious resistance, it bursts their fantasy world bubble. Then they kill themselves or surrender. This has happened over and over again.

Mr. Correia is correct, and the most recent proof of this was the attempted mall massacre at Clackamas Town Center1 near Happy Valley, Oregon. This story was extensively ignored by the Obama Steno Pool for a simple reason. The bad guy failed. The shooter, 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts, stole an AR-15 rifle from an acquaintance of his and went into the mall with several magazines of ammunition and started shooting.

After firing several shots, Roberts rifle jammed. As he was trying to clear the jam, Nick Meli, who has a concealed carry permit, went after Roberts. Meli drew his Glock 22, and took aim at Roberts but did not fire since there was an innocent person behind Roberts. Meli asserts that Roberts saw him, and that this may have contributed to Roberts’ decision to commit suicide. Unfortunately, two people were murdered and one wounded before Roberts kevorked2 himself. However, unlike Sandy Hook, no one else was hurt and Mr. Meli was fully prepared to fire on Roberts.

One of the things the pro-gun control groups say is, “Call 911 and let the cops handle it!” Mr. Correia has an answer for this remark.

Police are awesome. I love working with cops. However any honest cop will tell you that when seconds count they are only minutes away. After Colombine law enforcement changed their methods in dealing with active shooters. It used to be that you took up a perimeter and waited for overwhelming force before going in. Now usually as soon as you have two officers on scene you go in to confront the shooter (often one in rural areas or if help is going to take another minute, because there are a lot of very sound tactical reasons for using two, mostly because your success/survival rates jump dramatically when you put two guys through a door at once. The shooter’s brain takes a moment to decide between targets). The reason they go fast is because they know that every second counts. The longer the shooter has to operate, the more innocents die.

However, cops can’t be everywhere. There are at best only a couple hundred thousand on duty at any given time patrolling the entire country. Excellent response time is in the three-five minute range. We’ve seen what bad guys can do in three minutes, but sometimes it is far worse. They simply can’t teleport. So in some cases that means the bad guys can have ten, fifteen, even twenty minutes to do horrible things with nobody effectively fighting back.

As the old saying goes, when seconds count, police are minutes, or hours away. This is why so many people, such as Mr. Meli, have gotten Concealed Weapons permits. They go through training classes learning the laws of their state and when they can and can not shoot. Of course, you will hear the gun control people ranting about CCW holders, and expecting them to act like police.

Permit holders are not cops. The mistake many people make is that they think permit holders are supposed to be cops or junior danger rangers. Not at all. Their only responsibility is simple. If someone is threatening to cause them or a third person serious bodily harm, and that someone has the ability, opportunity, and is acting in a manner which suggest they are a legitimate threat, then that permit holder is allowed to use lethal force against them.

He’s quite right. Criminals hate CCW permit holders. Why? Because they know that an armed citizen’s thought processes are very different from a police officers. The police officer is thinking about civil rights, chain of evidence and all those things that police officer do every single day. The armed citizen is not. They don’t care about a criminal’s civil rights and criminals know this.

In every area that has expanded CCW permits, crime, at least crime involving a victim rather than property, has dropped. When criminals have been asked why they fear the armed citizen, the answer is the same. They don’t want to get shot.

This brings us to Gun Free Zones. The theoretical idea behind the “Gun Free Zone” is to prevent people from shooting at each other. Mr. Correia has a different take.

Gun Free Zones are hunting preserves for innocent people. Period.

Another name for them is “Target Rich Environment.”

Think about it. You are a violent, homicidal madman, looking to make a statement and hoping to go from disaffected loser to most famous person in the world. The best way to accomplish your goals is to kill a whole bunch of people. So where’s the best place to go shoot all these people? Obviously, it is someplace where nobody can shoot back.

In all honesty I have no respect for anybody who believes Gun Free Zones actually work. You are going to commit several hundred felonies, up to and including mass murder, and you are going to refrain because there is a sign? That No Guns Allowed sign is not a cross that wards off vampires. It is wishful thinking, and really pathetic wishful thinking at that.

The only people who obey No Guns signs are people who obey the law. People who obey the law aren’t going on rampages.

Mr. Correia goes into details on just how effective the “Gun Free Zones” have been.

The man that attacked the midnight showing of Batman didn’t attack just any theater. There were like ten to choose from. He didn’t attack the closest. It wasn’t about biggest or smallest. He attacked the one that was posted NO GUNS ALLOWED.

Really, places that post signs that say “No Guns Allowed” should post a sign that is a bit more honest. “No Guns Allowed. Crazy People welcome! Open Season, No Bag limit! No Hunting License required”

Go to Mr. Correia’s web site, Monster Hunter Nation, and read the entire article, Pass it along to others, especially those morons who think a safe society is one made up of sheep and victims. I stand with Mr. Correia and the people who understand what the 2nd Amendment means.


~The Angry Webmaster~


… essence hung a sign out front of every public school that says “Welcome to a Hunting Preserve for Innocent Human Beings”. The “hunting preserve” language is embedded in this richly presented, fact and history based blog by Larry Correia.
http://sonofjames.wordpress.com/ — Sat, 22 Dec 2012 12:46:41 -0800
The author is Larry Correia, a gun expert who has sold weapons to police and military, is widely knowledgeable of existing gun control laws, and has trained police and others in the operation of firearms and shoot/no shoot scenarios.
http://saberpoint.blogspot.com/ — Sat, 22 Dec 2012 11:34:00 -0800
This blog post by a blogger named Larry Correia really obliterates some of the dumber arguments against using guns to fight crazed gunmen. There are two basic types of gun control liberals want. The first are gun control laws, all of which …
http://daysofchange.wordpress.com/ — Sat, 22 Dec 2012 11:11:18 -0800
Larry Correia, who is the bestselling author of the “Monster Hunter International” book series and (perhaps more relevantly) was a firearms and concealed-carry instructor, owned a gun store and worked with a lot of police and military, has …
http://hemiposterical.blogspot.com/ — Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:18:00 -0800
Larry Correia is the New York Times bestselling author of the Monster Hunter International series, the Grimnoir Chronicles, and the thriller Dead Six. My next novel, Monster Hunter Legion, will be available September 2012. All of my books are …
http://greg-bno.blogspot.com/ — Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:04:00 -0800
Larry Correia …. In addition to such figures as Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, Lott has been willing to take on those in the media, especially on CNN, who are guilty of spreading misinformation about the massacre. But he has not been …
http://noisyroom.net/blog/ — Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:00:06 -0800

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    TY @angrywebmaster “An Opinion on Gun Control” – #angercentralarchives http://t.co/MjbXHsF1IV is a great read.

  • http://twitter.com/angrywebmaster/status/310512402703712256/ angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    “An Opinion on Gun Control” – #angercentralarchives http://t.co/S5ZorBhiZM

  • http://webloggerz.com/ Webloggerz

    totally agree with all that u said…..!!

  • Porphyry

    “Think about it. You are a violent, homicidal madman, looking to make a statement and hoping to go from disaffected loser to most famous personin the world.”

    This generally results in a *dead* disaffected loser who never benefits from his newfound fame!

  • Bobby

    I’m glad you posted this. I’m pro gun rights, and gun control activists keep getting upset with me. They think that because somebody has a gun, they automatically want to shoot up a school or kill their family. It’s stupid. They ask loaded questions like “would you rather give up your guns or watch your family get gunned down”? Any rational people would want neither. Gun control activists do nothing but get scared when it comes to guns. I read a Facebook post by some person that is so frightened of people with concealed guns that she stops talking to them and walks away because the gun owner was “intimidating”. It’s a really stupid fear and I’m tired of these cowards wanting to take everybody’s second amendment rights away. Somebody on Youtube actually claimed that the second amendment is going to be repealed in 100 years. Let’s hope that never happens.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

    • http://www.angry.net/blog2 Angry Webmaster

      I’m not worried about the 2nd being repealed in 100 years. I have reached the point of believing that there won’t be a United States in 50 years, or less. I hope I’m wrong.

      • FriarBob

        50 years? Maybe I’m just a total pessimist, but I’m no longer entirely sure we’ll have one in five… and I’m not entirely sure whether I mean years, months, or weeks!!

        • http://www.angry.net/blog2 Angry Webmaster

          I guess I’m just optimistically pessimistic. 😉

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  • http://twitter.com/angrywebmaster/status/282601044561780736/ angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

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  • http://twitter.com/angrywebmaster/status/282601044909895681/ angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    “An Opinion on Gun Control” #angercentral Larrycorreia #tcot #2ndamendment #guncontrol #moonbats http://t.co/fJ5jvgUu

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