Karl Rove can Bite Me!


Karl Rove, who Sean Hannity likes to refer to as “The Architect” has announced a new Political group called the Conservative Victory Project. The goal is to keep any conservative from actually winning elections.

This is nothing less then a direct attack against the Tea Party movement. Over the last 2 election cycles, the Tea Party has blown out a number of RINO’s1 who have shown themselves to be nothing more then Democrat Lite. Rove has backed a number of losers over the last two cycles, such as Mike Castle of Delaware who was defeated by Christine O’Donnell in the primary. (O’Donnell lost in the general) Castle was a member of what has come to be known as the “Establishment Republicans.” (Mitt Romney, former Chairman)

Needless to say, the Conservatives are not at all happy with Rove. Here are a few details from the Washington Post:

The news that former Bush administration adviser Karl Rove is launching an effort to keep less-electable conservative Republicans from winning primaries has stirred up anger on the right.

The Conservative Victory Project, first reported on by the New York Times, is a direct response to the 2012 elections, when the National Republican Senatorial Committee stayed out of primaries and saw conservative candidates such as Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lose winnable races.

If I recall correctly, Akin was not a Tea Party pick. The Tea Party was not unified and he sort of sleazed his way in. From what I recall, he is more of a favorite of the Establishment Republicans then the conservative wing. He also shot himself in the foot…with heavy artillery…repeatedly. Mourdock also managed to put his foot in it, but both of them might have avoided the errors in the first place of the National Party had sent in people to help them. The fact the the Establishment Republicans decided to throw all the Tea Party candidates under the bus, along with Rove’s latest brilliant stupid idea has really torked off a lot of people.

“The Conservative Defeat Project is yet another example of the Republican establishment’s hostility toward its conservative base,” said Matt Hoskins of the Senate Conservatives Fund, a PAC launched by (but no longer affiliated with) former senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).

Jim DeMint was one of the few Republicans in the House and Senate to help out the Tea Party candidates as well as other conservatives. He recently left the senate and was replaced by Tim Scott. Senator DeMint approved the choice by another Tea Party favorite, Nikki Haley. (Who is also not liked by the RINO’s) The lead balloon of Rove’s has others ready to castrate him.

“I dare say any candidate who gets this group’s support should be targeted for destruction by the conservative movement,” wrote RedState’s Erick Erickson.

Erickson also noted that the establishment did not have a great track record in 2012 either. American Crossroads, the super PAC behind the new project, supported no winning candidates in last year’s election, according to a Sunlight Foundation analysis. Only 1.29 percent of the group’s money went to opposing candidates who lost.

“They are welcome to support the likes of Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist and David Dewhurst. We will continue to proudly support the likes of Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz,” said Barney Keller, spokesman for the anti-tax, conservative-backing Club for Growth.

The RINO wing has a great track record of choosing losers, liars and disloyal traitors. Arlen Spector and Charlie Christ both jumped to the Democrats when they figured out they were going to be ridden out of town on a rail. David Dewhurst is the Lieutenant Governor in Texas and is not looked on kindly by small government types. He lost his primary to Ted Cruz, who is now the new United States Senator from Texas, and a firm believer in the Constitution and smaller government. He’s already raking the Obama types over the coals to great applause from most Texans.

The RINO wing is in shear terror over the Tea Party and other Fiscal and Constitutional groups. The Establishment Republicans, unlike the Tea Party and others, only care about keeping their fat asses in those congressional chairs and all the wonderful privileges they have created for themselves over the last 100 years. Ronald Reagan, who they like to claim as their own, was the dead opposite of these clowns. Reagan would have been a Tea Party type. Was he perfect? Nope, but even the Tea Party and other conservative types don’t claim they are. Just how afraid are the RINO’s?

Republicans already fear conservative candidates will hurt them in 2014 races. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is considering a bid for the seat of retiring Sen. Tom Harkin (D). According to the Times, the polarizing social conservative would be one of the group’s first targets. In West Virginia, conservatives may mount a primary challenger against Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, the party’s preferred candidate for the seat of retiring Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D).

As you can see, the RINO’s have no clue what is going to happen. They think they are going to throw huge amounts of money at their preferred candidates and destroy the Tea Party. They are sadly mistaken.

“These fake conservatives need to go away before they do more damage,” said L.Brent Bozell, founder of the conservative Media Research Center.

Jeffrey Lord wrote another of his long commentaries in the American Spectator this morning. Titled “Karl Rove and The Cotton Republicans” he compares today’s Republican Party with the Whig party of the first 60 years of the United States. That party self destructed over slavery. The anti-slavery Whigs left the party and founded the Republican Party. The “Go along and compromise” Whigs showed their true colors and joined the Democrats. Six years later Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican President. If Rove and the RINO’s try to trash the conservatives, they are going to walk away and form a new party.

Rove and the RINOs can’t see the danger. They would rather put up one unprincipled blowhard after the other, people who stand for…for…getting elected and not much else. The Tea Party and Conservatives run on principle and and prefer to stand or fall by it. One of the reasons Mike Castle was crushed in the Delaware primary was his preference to “Cross the aisle” and suck up to the Democrats. The voters decided that yes, O’Donnell probably wasn’t the best candidate, but she stood by what she said. Besides, why vote for a Democrat Lite, (Mike Castle), when they could vote for a real Democrat

People prefer candidates who don’t try to con their way into office. This is one reason we don’t have President Romney right now. Rove and the Establishment have their heads so far up their beltway2 asses that they have no clue what’s actually happening in Flyover Country. And they never will.


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