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Yes, we now have a politician who wants to outlaw altering pictures with Photoshop. It seems that someone took a picture of this politician in question and altered it to make it appear he was a porn star.

So who is this overly sensitive politician who is about to discover the true meaning of the “Streisand Effect1?” He is one Earnest G. Smith, Democrat, (What else?) representing the 125th district in the Georgia State Legislature. The story is being told, with great mirth, all over the Internet, along with both censored and uncensored copies of the “picture” in question. (Find them yourself) Here are a few details by Chris Matyszczyk writing for Cnet:

Sometimes people don’t appreciate flattery.

They are so engrossed in their own grossly skewed view of the world that their sense of humor flies into the night like a married lover late home for dinner.

How else can one explain the quite bizarre intentions of Georgia state Rep. Earnest Smith?

He clearly sees a vast importance in being Earnest.

He clearly believes that his constituents are so drawn to his Earnestness that anything that deviates it from absolute Earnestness deserves the full metal force of the law.

Which is why he wants to make lewd, coarse, filthy Photoshopping illegal and punishable with a fine of $1,000.

Yeah, that’s not going to fly. There’s this pesky thing called the First Amendment after all and making sport of politicians, a time honored tradition, is definitely covered. Apparently, Mr. Earnest G. Smith doesn’t like tradition or the First Amendment. From Fox News:

A Georgia state lawmaker with an unconventional grasp of the First Amendment is backing a bill that would make lewd photoshopping a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine.

Rep. Earnest Smith pointed, as proof of the problem, to a picture of his head that was recently edited onto a pornstar’s body. That image was created by a blogger who used the image to mock Smith.

Smith’s response to the drive by photoshopping tells me he deserves a good mocking. As I mentioned earlier, he also isn’t to worried about the First Amendment.

The Augusta-based legislator said he was not worried the bill would step on First Amendment rights.

“Everyone has a right to privacy,” he told FoxNews.com. “No one has a right to make fun of anyone. It’s not a First Amendment right.”

Cluebat needed on Aisle 4! Someone call the WAAAAAAMBULANCE!!


Fox News pressed Representative Earnest G. Smith, (D-Hurt Feeling) about just what his bill would say. He wasn’t what you might call forthcoming about it.

The lawmaker did not provide any specifics of the legislation when contacted by FoxNews.com. After being pressed to provide details, he said, “At this juncture, I am not at liberty to share anything with you. I don’t have to. If and when this bill passes we can revisit the issue and if I choose to give you details at that time I will, but until then I don’t have to tell you anything.”

In other words, “I don’t have to tell you little people anything. I can say or do what I want and if you don’t like it, I’ll make it illegal for you to do anything I don’t like, so there!” What a dork.

When asked if he thought his bill would target parodies — which are protected by the First Amendment — he said it didn’t matter.

“They (parody creators) live for something like this,” Smith said. “They are vulgar. This is about being vulgar. We’re becoming a nation of vulgar people.”

Well Representative Earnest G. Smith, (D-Thin Skinned), you may want to tell all those other Democrats, staring with Ill Douche, to clean up their language. However, you must have broad support in the Georgia House of Representatives to be contemplating this bill. Obviously, you think it will pass.

Not everyone shares Smith’s sentiments.

“He’s the conductor of his own crazy train,” one lawmaker told FoxNews.com.

the crazy train

So I guess this bill is going to be dead on arrival, much like Representative Earnest G. Smith’s (D-Blithering Idiot), future political career once this reaches his constituents. He certainly won’t be going for any higher office, although I do think he could look at a career as a photoshop model.

In the words of that great philosopher, Bugs Bunny2, “What a Maroon!”


~The Angry Webmaster~


A state lawmaker in Georgia is so perturbed that someone used Photoshop to put his head on a porn star’s body that he now wants any kind of lewd Photoshopping to be banned. ‘No one has a right to make fun of … Earnest Smith? He clearly sees a vast importance in being Earnest. He clearly believes that his constituents are so drawn to his Earnestness that anything that deviates it from absolute Earnestness deserves the full metal force of the law. Which is why he wants to make …
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