NH Reps “Lets go Skiing!”


Good day all. I think it’s time for some local politics for a change. In this case, it’s my home state of New Hampshire. In 2010, the legislature flipped big time from the Democrats back to the Republicans who then started fixing the mess the state was in, thanks to the Democrats.

However, in 2012 with Obama on the ticket, the House of Representatives swung back to the Democrats who promptly started with their usual antics. First was the attempt to repeal the NH version of “Stand your ground” and other means of self defense. Now, they are looking to have some fun at Taxpayers expense. In this case, they want to have free passes to go skiing. Here’s the story from WMUR:

New Hampshire’s House is voting this week whether lawmakers should get free ski passes for Cannon Mountain1.

“Because we are special people and deserve free ski passes!” Yeah, right. So how much do these things cost?

A one-day lift ticket is $70 for an adult and the bill allowed unlimited free access.

Unlimited free access? I wonder who will be paying for these free passes? (Looks in mirror) Considering that the ski areas try to open early and close late in the season, (if it’s cold enough they will make snow), this could run into some serious money. How serious?

Opponents say using the perk a half dozen times would be worth twice as much as lawmakers’ biennial salary.

Now New Hampshire is not known for paying the legislators a big salary. We don’t want them in session much in order to cut down the trouble they might cause.

Supporters argue that lawmakers have open access to state parks which promotes awareness of the locations.

They say skiing at Cannon doesn’t add costs to the ski area and encourages members to experience that part of New Hampshire culture.

Actually, it does add costs. You have to pay for the infrastructure and staff for that park and they generate a lot of revenue from PAYING customers. Having a bunch of deadbeats show up demanding “Special privileges” because they are “Special People,” especially when some of them drop the old “Do you know who I am?” bit to try and jump the lines of paying customers. Oh they will deny that will happen, but these are Democrats after all and we all know how they think. Oh, excuse me. I meant to say “Feel” about these things. There is some good news though.

The majority of the Legislative Administration Committee is recommending killing a bill Wednesday that would grant the legislative perk.

I would also recommend that these idiots who tried to push this bill, no matter which party, get whacked upside the head electorally speaking in 2014. Oh for the days when the majority of the legislature was made up of retirees who wanted to give something back to the people of New Hampshire. Back then the big debates were over wheelchair ramps in the State house, ambulances standing by and just how well equipped the crash carts would be. Yes, the legislators back then were rather long in the tooth. That was one reason we never worried about the need for Term limits.

The Stupid! It Burns! Make it stop!

The Stupid! It Burns! Make it stop!


~The Angry Webmaster~


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