Senator Allen West?

Good day all. If you’ve been paying attention, then you know that Senator Marco Rubio has been assimilated by the Borg Washington Government class. That is the only explanation for his basically giving the Progressive Liberal Democrats their greatest wet dream, throwing open the borders.

Rubio pulled off a stunning come from behind victory and crushed Former Florida governor Charlie Crist1 with the help of the Tea Party in the 2010 Midterm Democrat slaughter. Since then Rubio has been a bit wobbly, but in the last six months has jumped the shark.

Working with the likes of Charles “Upchuck” Schumer, he has become the mouthpiece for the outright amnesty of millions of criminals who are illegally in the United States. In addition, he has been outright lying about many things, such as securing the borders, keeping these criminals off the welfare rolls, etc.

Stuck on Stupid

Well, people have had it with this lying scumsucking weasel and it looks like he is going to have a primary challenger when his term is up. The question has been, who would that be? The answer appears to be Colonel Allen West, former Representative from Florida. (Until he was screwed out of his seat by the Establishment RINO’s in the Florida Legislature) Here are some of the details from NewsMax:

Former U.S. Rep. Allen West said Wednesday that he hasn’t ruled out a challenge to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, even as the former congressman acknowledged that it would be a difficult and expensive road to take.

And the hearts of millions of Tea Party donors just went a pitter patter at the thought. Unlike Rubio, West has said what he means, and meant what he said.

West, a favorite of conservatives who lost his House seat in 2012, said he’d draw on his faith to make a decision on a future political contest.

“We’ll see what happens down the pike,” West said on WMAL’s “Morning at the Mall” radio show. “God will set my feet on the right path.”

Here is the interview regarding Rep. West’s thoughts on the subject.

Allen? Allen! This is God speaking. Your country needs you!!

I think that Representative West has pretty much made up his mind and that if the circumstances warrant, he will run against that flaming liar Rubio in the 2016 Republican primary. The only way I can see Rubio hanging on now is if he does a 180 turn and flat out repudiates this “Gang of Eight” crap, admits that he was outright wrong and works to scuttle it. I don’t see that happening.

Now I would like to see Col. West back in Washington giving the Establishment a severe case of the vapors. The only place that would be better then the Senate, would be addressing Allen West as “Mr. President. People of Florida and everywhere else where people who are fed up with the Federal Government, send Colonel, Representative West, (And his wife, he does need her consent), a plea to help free the slaves run for office again.

Another person who would be happy if you destroyed Rubio is Emperor Misha I of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. While your primary constituents will be the people of Florida, you have the backing of millions of other Americans, Native born and legally naturalized.


~The Angry Webmaster~

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  1. Charles Joseph “Charlie” Crist, Jr. []