Tell me again why women don’t need guns?

This is a very frightening post. A woman in New Jersey had her home invaded by a scumsucking thug. Because this is New Jersey, she had no means to defend herself. She also had a small child in the house that she had to protect.

****UPDATE (scroll to the bottom)****

The woman, who was home with her with her 3 year old daughter, was attacked when a thug smashed in her door and proceeded to beat her nearly to death. The attack took place in Milburn New Jersey about a week ago and was caught on video. The woman had a baby monitor set up and it recorded the entire event. Below is the video. Be advised, this is very traumatic for the sensitive Liberal viewer.

The woman asked that the video be shown far and wide to aid in the capture of this thug. Personally, I think it should be a wanted poster that says “Wanted, Dead or Alive” and he should be charged with attempted murder. The woman, terrified about what would happen to her daughter if this animal found her, kept silent and took the beating. This, of course, is what parents do. They do whatever it takes to protect their children.

Rape whistle

My issue is one of defense. It seems obvious to me that this woman had no real means of defending herself or her daughter other then allowing herself to be nearly killed. We can thank the government of New Jersey for this. Although I can’t say for certain, I suspect that there was NOT a gun in the house, and if there was, it probably was not ready for use. If there had been, and the woman had been trained and prepared to use it, I think we would have seen a far different result. Either the thug would have retreated, or been carried out in a body bag. Hopefully, this pig will be caught, or better yet, he puts up a fight and the police blast him into the next life.



Good news Everybody! This animal has been CAPTURED!!! Here are a few details the New York Daily News:

Shawn Custis was taken into custody on Friday afternoon. He is suspected of being the man who was caught on a nanny cam breaking into a New Jersey home and unleashing a stomach-turning assault on a mother, whose 3-year-old daughter was just feet away on a couch.

Armed with the crucial video evidence, authorities say they identified the brute as ex-con Shawn Custis, 42, and nabbed him in Manhattan Friday, hours after an old mug shot was released to the media.

Custis, whose criminal record dates to the early 1990s and includes a dozen convictions, was tracked to a building on Tenth Ave. in Washington Heights, where the FBI’s Violent Fugitive Task Force and cops from Millburn, N.J., pinched him inside an apartment building lobby about 5:30 p.m., sources said.

Good work, although I do wonder two things. Why was this pig still on the streets, and why wasn’t he “Shot resisting arrest?”

~The Angry Webmaster~

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