“If Trayvon was white and Zimmerman were black”

“Then Zimmerman would have been convicted!” That has been the cry of the race hustlers and moonbats since George Zimmerman was acquitted. There’s just one small problem with this. A black man did shoot a white teen and he did claim self defense, and he was also acquitted.

The incident happened in New York in 2009 when a man, Rodrick Scott, who happens to be black, was forced to shoot a teen who happened to be white. Here are some of the details from Decoded Science:

Roderick Scott, an African American man, shot and killed Christopher Cervini, 17-year-old white youth, in 2009. Scott faced a charge of first-degree manslaughter, and claimed he shot the teen in self defense. Scott was subsequently acquitted.

Ok, so what happened in the first place?

During the early morning hours of April 4, 2009, 42-year-old Roderick Scott was asleep on the couch of his Greece, New York home, just outside of Rochester. He was awakened by some noise outside.

Scott looked out the window and saw three teens attempting to break into his car. He grabbed his gun, for which he had a legal permit, put it in his waistband and told his girlfriend to call 911 before going outside.

When Scott went out, he confronted the youths, who were going through a neighbor’s car. According to Scott, he told them to stop and wait for the police. The incident ended after Scott fired two shots at Christopher Cervini, killing him.

Hmm, this still isn’t telling me why Scott was acquitted.

According to 15-year-old James Cervini, one of the three, and Christopher’s cousin, Scott shot Christopher after the teen yelled, “Please don’t shoot me, I’m just a kid.” Scott, who testified in his own defense, said he only fired after Christopher came running at him in a threatening manner.

Ok, this kid was a moron. First he and his pals were breaking into a car, and then this idiot charged the owner who had a gun. Nope, that wasn’t the smartest thing to do. So why did the kid do it?

Scott’s attorney, James Parrinello, argued it was likely Christopher went at Scott to give James a chance to get away. James was already bound by two probation orders and the consequences of being charged with breaking into cars would have been more serious for him.

So he was trying to protect another punk who, by rights, should have been in jail instead of out boosting cars. This is one big difference between Trayvon Martin and Christopher Cervini. Cervini and his cohorts in crime were actually trying to break into Mr. Scott’s car. All Trayvon Martin was doing that attracted Mr. Zimmerman’s attention was act in a suspicious manner. Another difference is that Martin was away free and clear, but doubled back and attacked George Zimmerman.

There are many questions on why Martin doubled back when he didn’t have to. It’s possible he had suffered some sort of chemical reaction to the “Lean” and pot he had been consuming. In Cervini’s case, there is no doubt what led to his “Suicide by gun owner.”

Although Martin had traces of marijuana in his body at the time he died, there is no evidence it affected his behavior that night. Cervini, on the other hand not only had amphetamines and marijuana in his system, but he had more than the legal limit of alcohol in his blood when he died; according to accounts, he got drunk from a stolen bottle of gin.

Stoned, Drunk and Stupid. Now here is what Narconon International has to say about Amphetamine abuse:

The effects of amphetamine on the addict’s personality are similarly harsh and harmful. When heavily used or when it is abused at length, serious mental effects frequently occur, such as aggressive, paranoid hostility. There is even a form of psychosis that can occur as an effect of extended amphetamine abuse. Some people suffer from hallucinations that could prompt dangerously violent behavior.

Yeah, having a meth head come at me would make me think about pulling the trigger. In fact, if I’m holding a firearm on someone I caught trying to rob me, waiting for the police to arrive, and this thug came at me? Yes I would probably pull the trigger too. The first rule when facing a citizen with a gun, after you have been caught trying to steal from him, is simple. DON’T MOVE! Citizens aren’t police. We don’t think about civil rights. The training someone who lawfully carries or owns a gun for protections is different from that of a police officer. They are taught to use it to end the threat to them or prevent a threat. I don’t know if Mr. Scott drew his gun or simply had it visible in his belt. I suspect it was the latter. This means the dead punk knew he was armed. Citizens are also taught that you only draw the gun if you intend to fire it. You don’t wave it around. Self Defense drills for gun owners teach them how to draw and fire to stop a threat, such as a hopped up speed head charging at you.

Now there are other differences in the two cases.

According to Zimmerman, Martin sucker punched him and knocked his head on the ground before Zimmerman took out his gun and shot Martin. The jury did not have to believe this to acquit him; all they had to decide there was a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was not acting in self defense when he shot Martin. And there was some physical evidence, namely injuries to Zimmerman’s face and head, to corroborate Zimmerman’s version of events.

The evidence in the Scott case, including that from the defendant, was that there was never any direct physical contact between him and the deceased. In this regard, his use of the justification defense was not nearly as strong as Zimmerman’s. While Zimmerman could not be expected to retreat while Martin was on top of him, slamming his head into the pavement, Scott did not even try to retreat from Cervini, who was unarmed and not in direct contact with him.

This is a big difference. George Zimmerman had Trayvon Martin sitting on top of him, pile driving his head into a concrete sidewalk. A few more blows and he probably would have suffered major injuries and probably death. Rodrick Scott had Christopher Cervini charge at him. He thought he was in danger, (As opposed to Zimmerman who demonstrably was in danger), when he fired. The jury in the Scott case took about 19 hours to decide to acquit him.

So, where is Obama, Sharpton, the Main Stream Media and all the “Trayvon was just a little boy” morons? Why aren’t they commenting on this case? It’s simple really. It doesn’t fit the narrative. Even if Mr. Scott had been convicted, other then the local news, there would have been no mention of it. So my question here is, who are the real racists? This is an easy answer. People like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, most of the Obama Steno Pool and all those idiots who think Martin was an innocent waif instead of the thug he was.

Now, I only heard about Mr. Scott’s case a couple of days ago. Obviously, I didn’t follow it at all. I don’t know if New York has any sort of “Stand your ground” law on the books or not. (My guess is they don’t), but from the few stories I read, Mr. Scott did feel that he was in danger and he acted to stop that attack. I have a feeling that if he hadn’t, he probably would have been hit and might have been injured or killed, especially if Cervini or one of the other scumbags got Mr. Scott’s gun away from him. So now the world is short two thugs, and the thug removers have been acquitted, just as they should be.

Let this be a lesson parents out there. Keep your brats under control. Now on a personal note, I used to work with a man who had a teen daughter who was headed down the same path as Martin and Cervini. She probably wouldn’t have been shot by a citizen, but she was definitely on a path to serious pain and jail time. My friend solved the problem in a very simple way. He had a friend of his, who was a parole officer, come in and talk to her. The first thing he did was take out his handcuffs and throw them on the table in front of her. He said he was ready to take her in right then of she didn’t clean up her act.

Apparently, it worked. Maybe this shock treatment should have been applied to these other four “Youths,” then two of them wouldn’t be feeding worms right now.


~The Angry Webmaster~

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