Bradley Manning gets 35 years

Good day all. News has come out that convicted spy, (For lack of a better term), Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years and a dishonorable discharge.

According to the Washington Post:

A military judge on Wednesday morning sentenced Army Pfc. Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.

Manning, 25, was convicted last month of multiple charges, including violations of the Espionage Act for copying and disseminating the documents while serving as an intelligence analyst at a forward operating base in Iraq. He faced up to 90 years in prison.

Manning is required to serve one-third of the sentence, minus three and half years of time served, before he is eligible for parole. That will be in eight years when he is 33.

Judge Denise Lind, an Army colonel, said Manning was dishonorably discharged. He was also reduced in rank and forfeits all pay

I’ve talked with people in the military or who have served. There is no debate at all with regards to Bradley Manning, other then if he should have gotten a firing squad or a hangman’s noose. This differs with the discussions regarding Edward Snowden and what he has released. The best comment on Snowden comes from a retired Army Colonel who said; “Snowden needs to be tried. I’m not so sure about convicting him.” With Manning, his remarks were simple. “Execute him.” And if you think Manning will be paroled in 8 years, think again. He’s going to serve every day of that sentence. This isn’t a civilian court, Manning is covered by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and doesn’t have all the rights that a civilian has. Of course, the morons in the ACLU had to add their two cents.

The decision was immediately condemned by the American Civil Liberties Union.

“When a soldier who shared information with the press and public is punished far more harshly than others who tortured prisoners and killed civilians, something is seriously wrong with our justice system,” said Ben Wizner, director of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project.

If this clown Wizner is a lawyer, he needs to go back to law school and brush up on Military law. As I mentioned above, Manning is NOT covered by the civilian courts. He gave up a fair number of his rights when he signed the dotted line and took the oath to become a member of the United States Army.

Defense lawyer David Coombs portrayed Manning as a well-intentioned but isolated soldier with gender identification issues, and he asked Lind to impose “a sentence that allows him to have a life.”

“He cares about human life,” said Coombs as the sentencing phase of the court-martial at Fort Meade ended last week. “His biggest crime was he cared about the loss of life he was seeing and was struggling with it.”

What did this fool think soldiers do? Play pattycake? No, they are meant to break things and kill people declared enemies by the United States Government. Now, as mentioned, Manning has been compared to Snowden, (And vice versa), but there is a major difference. Here is what Manning released.

Manning transmitted the first documents to WikiLeaks in February 2010, sending what came to be known as the Iraq and Afghanistan “War Logs” — field reports from across both theaters. Manning’s lawyers said he had become disillusioned by what he was seeing in Iraq and hoped that the public release of the secret material would prompt greater public understanding of the wars.

Now I am not and have not been in the military, but I have spoken to those who are or have served. The field reports provide information that enemy intelligence services, (And the Taliban does have intelligence gatherers. I understand they normally work in the Pakistan ISI1), can use to determine how our troops are dealing with things and how well attacks against them worked. Snowden has only released, (As far as I know), documents that show the country that the NSA is violating the constitution and lying to congress. In statements, Snowden said that he was carefully going through the information he has to make sure it does NOT aid those hostile to the United States.

As of this posting, no word has been released on where Manning will be serving his time. I’m going to assume it will be in a military prison. If so, I won’t be surprised if Manning gets a knife in the kidneys. Referring to the retired Colonel again, he once said that the worst sort of scum end up in military prisons. These are generally lifers and in many cases, utter sociopaths. They will have no problem slitting Manning’s throat. He also said that while these sociopaths are utter scum, a surprising number of them are actually very patriotic and loyal to the United States. If manning is put in the general population, we may soon hear stories of how he keeps falling down the stairs and slipping on the soap in the shower.

He deserves it.



~The Angry Webmaster~

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