Illegal Aliens Demand Free Organ Transplants


Do you know what the problem is with Illegal Aliens? They are here and demanding I pay for all the things they want. I wrote about how a bunch of criminals in the country illegally were demanding lower collage tuition the other day.

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Now we have another bunch of criminals demanding free organ transplants. In an article by Judicial Watch:

Illegal immigrants have boldly demanded everything from civil rights in the U.S. to driver’s licenses and government benefits such as welfare and discounted tuition at public universities, so why stop there?

Now they want American taxpayers to finance their organ transplants! This is even more brazen than the discrimination lawsuits illegal aliens have filed against law enforcement agencies—both federal and local—in the U.S. over the years. To make their point, the illegal immigrants have gone on a hunger strike outside an Illinois hospital demanding free organ transplants for themselves and their fellow undocumented comrades.

Now, I think that illegal aliens should be at the top of the list…As organ DONORS! But then I also think they should be summarily executed if caught sneaking across the border. So, where is this all happening? Why in that fine, well run city of Chicago of course.

This insanity is taking place outside a prestigious Chicago-area hospital, according to news reports, but it’s only a matter of time before it spreads nationwide. Dozens of demonstrators and hunger strikers have gathered outside the medical facility chanting through bullhorns and waving large signs to protest the hospital’s policy that patients must be in the U.S. legally to qualify for an organ transplant procedure. One large, yellow sign captured in a newspaper photo says “we are also human!”


Hey Manuel, I got news for you. I think you are a foreign invader and that you should be shot, but then, that’s just me.

All of the protestors are from Mexico, according to the news report, and all need either a liver or kidney transplant that they can’t afford to pay for. They obviously don’t have health insurance or they wouldn’t be staging this show. So the illegal aliens want Uncle Sam to step up the plate and pick up the tab. Kidney and liver transplants costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and could run into the millions if there are complications.

And this is the bunch that those scum on Capital Hill want to grant amnesty to? Do you know how many American Citizens and legal resident aliens are waiting for organs? As far as I’m concerned, these vermin can crawl into a hole somewhere and just die.

The U.S. government already spends upwards of $4 billion a year to provide the millions of illegal immigrant who live here with medical care, according to figures released by a nonpartisan organization dedicated to researching both legal and illegal immigration. Most of that money goes to hospital emergency rooms and free clinics that treat the uninsured.

They shouldn’t be getting one dime of taxpayer money. If they can’t afford to pay for it, Oh well! Undertakers gotta eat too don’t you know. At least some of the hospitals are fighting back.

A few years ago a Florida hospital spent more than a quarter of a million dollars to fight a lawsuit from an uninsured illegal immigrant returned to his native country after racking up a $1.5 million bill. The case involved a Guatemalan Mayan farm worker who was hospitalized for 3 ½ years at the Stuart facility with severe brain injuries sustained in a car wash.

I remember this case. The “Patient” was all but brain dead and hooked up to all sorts of life support systems. Why they didn’t just pull the plug and be done with him is beyond me. Still, they managed to get rid of this drain on my wallet.

After receiving a judge’s permission, the hospital put him on a plane back to Guatemala and a legal battle ensued.

This is yet another case that just enrages me. (Good thing this is Anger Central) I am sick and tired of pandering to these criminals. It’s time that we start rounding them up and shipping them out of here, and not only that, we also need to start prosecuting employers who higher them, (If they use the system to check for their work eligibility and it comes up green, they get a pass. They did their part), and throwing them in jail. As for these “Sanctuary Cities,” I would inform the pols running them that they have 48 hours to repeal those laws or the locals would be declared in rebellion, martial law declared and the entire city government arrested and charged with whatever is appropriate. I would also throw in aiding and abetting as possibly conspiracy with regards to any criminal alien who commits other crimes besides being here illegally.

I have no problem with people coming to America. My wife is an immigrant. I also know that the immigration system needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. I worked with two people from India who were here on H1B visa’s, (Don’t get me started on that mess!), and both would have preferred to have green cards and possibly becoming citizens.

One of these two, a few years ago, went to Canada on a long weekend, and when she tried to reenter the United States, found her paperwork was all messed up and she couldn’t come back in. (She thought she was all set) She had to sit in Canada for a month while our manager and the company worked to clear up the mess so she could come back in. (She was very good at her job and people liked her) This all ties in with the H1B visa system and is one of the reasons I want it gone. If we need skilled technical people, then they should immigrate and look to becoming Americans. The H1B’s really do not have any stake in the United States. Long term residents do.

As to these worthless scum who hop, skip and jump across the border, then demand free stuff? Round them up, chip them and ship them back. If their country of origin won’t take them back, send in the Marines to secure an airport and kick them through the gate. The time has come to stop playing games. If your elected official supports illegal aliens over American Citizens and Lawful resident aliens, vote them out, or better yet, run them out on a rail.


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    Illegal Aliens Demand Free Organ Transplants #angercentral #illegalaliens #immigration #healthcaree #tcot…

  • angrywebmaster (@angrywebmaster)

    Illegal Aliens Demand Free Organ Transplants #angercentral #illegalaliens #immigration #healthcaree #tcot…

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