A bill to impeach Eric Holder


Good day all. With all the news over the collapse of Obama 404Care, people may have missed this bit of news regarding the Attorney General, Eric Holder. A bill is being filed to begin the impeachment of Holder from office in the House of Representatives.

Impeaching anyone from a federal office is allowed under the United States Constitution, but it has only been used once against a member of the cabinet. That was against William W. Belknap1 in 1876. He resigned before the trial in the Senate and was acquitted. Now, Rep. Pete Olson, R-Texas2 has introduced a bill to impeach Eric Holder. Here are the details from Fox News:

A group of congressional Republicans introduced a resolution Thursday to call for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder, alleging Holder had committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” during his tenure as head of the Justice Department.

The resolution was introduced by Rep. Pete Olson, R-Texas, who claims Holder has committed “the offenses of lying to Congress, refusing to comply with a subpoena, and failing to fulfill his oath of office.”

Olson cites Holder’s unwillingness to cooperate during the investigation into the botched Operation “Fast and Furious, his refusal to prosecute those involved IRS targeting of conservative groups, his failure to enforce laws including the Defense of Marriage Act, and his “false testimony” about the DOJ’s monitoring of Fox News journalist James Rosen as articles that are grounds for impeachment.

“For nearly five years, Attorney General Holder has systematically deceived Congress and destroyed the credibility of the Justice Department in the eyes of the American people,” Olson said in a statement. Olson was joined by 19 other Republican representatives in the resolution.

Holder is currently under a contempt of congress citation for his stonewalling on the issues of Fast&Furious as well as other questionable actions of the DOJ under his administration. Of course, the Democrats think Holder is doing just fine.

One House Democrat spoke out against the resolution before it was introduced Thursday, calling it “the most fundamental abuse of the impeachment power.”

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., a former federal prosecutor who led the Senate in the impeachment of a federal judge in 2010, said the articles of impeachment in the resolution are simply a list of “debunked conspiracy theories.”

And this is the problem in a nutshell. The Democrats are so utterly corrupt, that if Holder molested a 6 year old on the floor of the Senate then hacked her to pieces, they would still refuse to remove him from office. If the impeachment bill is taken up and passed in the House, they will begin the formal proceedings to impeach him. If that passes, it then moves over to the senate for the formal trial. If they vote to convict him, Holder will be formally removed from office.

In the real world, Crybaby Boehner won’t set up the impeachment hearings. He’s a coward and is afraid of how this will affect him in the election next year. Even if they do impeach Holder, as I mentioned, the Senate will protect him. The fact that Holder is probably guilty of accessory to murder of a federal agent means nothing to those vermin. It’s all about protecting the Party and the Elites.

As much as it pains me to say it, we may have to wait until 2017 and a new president, (Unless it’s that bitch Hillary “4 dead? What does it matter?”) Clinton. In that case, you can forget about any justice for the two agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens Holder’s failed anti-gun plan killed.

It didn’t used to be this way. When the impeachment proceedings began against Richard Nixon, the Republicans didn’t try to protect him at all costs. They wanted to see the facts and then determine of Nixon should be allowed to remain in office. The facts said no and most of them voted to move the impeachment to the full house. Nixon resigned shortly after. When Clinton was impeached for lying under oath, he was impeached in the house, but the Democrats, along with a few moron Republicans, refused to convict, even though Clinton was guilty of an actual crime. (Perjury is a felony) The Democrats showed they would do anything to protect one of their own, no matter what the cost to the country. Now you can see why they need to be destroyed at the polls next year, along with their RINO fellow travelers. It’s time to put some honest and honorable people into office. (Don’t laugh, there are a few out there. I have Diogenes3 on retainer) If you want to return to a country of laws, and not what we have now, press your representatives and senators.


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Among the most recent blowhards is MSNBCs Goldie Taylor who claimed that Republicans seeking Eric Holder’s impeachment are “Bozo caucus” who are “fanning the flames of hatred and bigotry.” Is racism really involved. I would say so.
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    Better hope Diogenes has upgraded his lamp a bit in the past 3000 years. He’ll need a few million candlepower to have a chance of helping you out.

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