With Republicans like these…

Who needs Democrats? What am I talking about? In this case, it is one Senator Mark Kirk, Republican from Illinois. He recently announced that he would not be supporting the candidacy of Jim Oberweis, who is the Republican challenger to Richard “Durbin the Turban” Durbin.

And why did this slimy RINO make this announcement, supporting one of the worst members of the United States Senate, a man who has given aid to enemies of the United States and slandered his own country? Because he’s Mark’s Best Friend Forever, that’s why. Here are some of the details from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., is ruling out campaigning for longshot GOP Illinois U.S. Senate nominee Jim Oberweis, saying Monday he would rather “protect” his relationship with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and not launch a “partisan jihad.” Kirk and Durbin are a very rare couple in Washington. They get along, even when they disagree. They grew closer after Kirk suffered a severe stroke, keeping him away from the Capitol for almost a year. As a result, the two have forged for now an informal, unspoken, non-aggression pact.

I wasn’t aware of Kirk’s medical issues, but it would explain things. He’s obviously out of his frakking mind. Durbin should be arrested and tried for treason, or at the very least, expelled from the Senate for his activities. Instead, we have yet another member of the Washington Republican Establishment throwing other Republicans, and the nation, under the bus.

Kirk’s more-than-kind words for Durbin will be very useful to Durbin in his race against Oberweis — where Durbin is the front-runner. A mutual disarming is potentially vastly more beneficial to Kirk, who already has said he will run for another term in 2016 and could potentially face a Democrat with some juice.

If we still have a country in 2016, Kirk may find himself facing a primary challenger before he needs to worry about a Democrat. Kirk is also suffering from the mental delusion that all the Establishment RINO’s suffer from. That the Democrats will actually be nice to them and do them favors if the Republicans are nice and do favors for the Democrats. The streets are littered with the political careers of Republicans who tried this. Durbin will not hesitate to shaft Kirk if he needs to.

Durbin aside, it helps Kirk, a social moderate, who supports gay marriage, abortion rights and comprehensive immigration reform, to disassociate himself from Oberweis, who is opposite him on the very issues that may appeal to the swing independent suburban voters, especially suburban women who Kirk has cultivated throughout his congressional career.

“Look at me! I’m just like you, see?” Yeah, that’s really been working out well for people like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole and a host of down ticket spineless weasels pretending to be conservative and supporting the Constitution.

Kirk commented after I asked him and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas — they were together in Chicago on Monday — if they would be seeing or campaigning for Oberweis.

I’m going to be protecting my relationship with Dick and not launching into a partisan jihad that hurts our partnership to both pull together for Illinois,” Kirk replied.

spineless wimp

Durbin doesn’t give a damn about Illinois. He, typical of the Progressive Liberal Democrats, only cares about himself and increasing his power at the expense of, well, pretty much everything. And as for that schmuck Cronyn, who has supported every Establishment RINO over conservative Republicans? What did this spineless wimp have to say about Kirk’s statement?

Cornyn, a former chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee — the Senate Republican political operation — sidestepped a question about helping raise money for Oberweis.

The reason I am here is for my own re-election, so I’m not getting involved in the Illinois Senate race at this time,” Cornyn said.

What a spineless bowl of jello.


This disgrace to the Great State of Texas has, as he usually does in situations like this, shown his true colors. Cowardly Yellow. If he had any guts, he would either say he was supporting Durbin’s opponent, or not. Instead, in true, wishy-washy, inside the Beltway Establishment Republican style, he wimped out. At least Durbin’s opponent showed some class at this slap in the face from the RINO contingent.

Given the slap, Oberweis, a state senator, was gracious in his statement.

I agree with Sen. Kirk that no political campaign should be waged as if it were a holy war, and the I have every intention of conducting an issue-oriented competition for the support of Illinois voters. I respect Sen. Kirk’s goal of maintaining a respectful relationship with his Democratic colleagues in Washington, just as I do in Springfield. I would never ask Sen. Kirk to do anything to endanger his personal or professional relationship with Sen. Durbin,” Oberweis said. “My understanding is that Sen. Kirk is supportive of the efforts of each of the statewide Republican nominees in Illinois this year, just as the Illinois Republican Party has supported Sen. Kirk in each of his general election contests. I look forward to serving with Mark in the United State Senate come January 2015.”

I know that you have to look on the bright side, but once again, a Non-RINO Republican has been shafted by the Party of Stupid. When are these idiots going to learn that politics is a blood sport? The Democrats like Schumer and Durbin are actively working to destroy the Republican party and institute a single party state. Idiots like Mark Kirk and John Cornyn, rather then fighting back, are actually supplying the bullets for their own firing squads.

With politics so bitter in the Capitol and the partisan divide often so wide, voters like pols who can work together. Last Nov. 7 at an Illinois “coffee” in Washington hosted by Durbin and Kirk, a man in the audience said he appreciated their cooperation.

Said Durbin, “This makes this job so much better when the two of us get along.” And after Kirk returned to the Capitol, Durbin said, “Our relationship politically and even personally has been better, and I think it is good for Illinois, and I want it to continue.”

In other words, “We will work together to fully implement the Progressive Liberal Socialist agenda, and render the Constitution a dead letter.” Cooperation in the eyes of your typical Progressive Liberal Democrat is pretty basic. As long as the Republicans agree to everything the Progressive Liberal Democrats want, then everything will be very cordial and friendly. We might even let you have a few minor things, as long as they don’t interfere with our goal of ruling the masses.” This is NOT what the founders of the United States had in mind when they wrote the Constitution. They would be aghast at the career political hacks and the damage they’ve done to the country.

reboot congress!

Now I know this is Illinois, and that Oberweis has almost no chance of defeating Durbin, but you never know, and he certainly has no chance if his own party is machine gunning him in the back. I hope the people of Illinois will finally figure out what a disgrace Durban is and vote him out. I also hope that Mark Kirk faces a primary challenger and loses badly, even if the Republican loses in the general election. As many people have said, why vote for a Democrat Lite when you can have a real honest Communist Democrat? And the RINO’s keep wondering why they are always losing elections. It’s the antics of people like Mark Kirk and John Cornyn.


~The Angry Webmaster~

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