If we don’t stop Global Warming, Washington will DROWN!!

Good day all. In the latest scream from the rooftops by members of the Church of Global Warming, it seems that unless we revert to caveman technology, Washington DC will be flooded.

In an article from WTOP.com, the Global Warming Climate Change fanatics state:

What will become of the nation’s capital? The huge West Antarctic ice sheet is slowly collapsing, and two groups of scientists say the melting is now an unstoppable event.

Yes, so what? In case no one has noticed, the ice sheets ebb and flow constantly. However, this hasn’t stopped the panicmongers at all.

Melting ice will cause sea levels to rise higher than initially projected, which is cause for concern for D.C.-area scientists and local urban planners. The rising seas will affect local treasures, including the Chesapeake Bay and the country’s iconic monuments along the National Mall.

There is a myth that Washington was built on reclaimed swampland. This is not accurate. It was actually built on wetlands and Washington has an extensive system to keep it dry. The highest point in Washington is only 409 feet above sea level. Other parts are at sea level1. Of course, followers of Pope Al Gore, leader of the Church of Global Warming Climate Change have never let things like facts interfere with their beliefs.


“We’ve reached the point of no return,” says Brenda Ekwurzel, senior climate scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists. “We can expect by the end of the century, according to the National Climate Assessment, anywhere between one and five feet of sea-level rise.”


The Union of Concerned Scientist? I wasn’t aware they still existed. I thought they had folded when their primary backer, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed in the early 1990’s. I see they are still around and still spewing their usual “The Sky Is Falling and we will ALL DIE Unless…” garbage. And just how bad will it get according to these moonbats?

Scientists say the rise in sea level could reach 12 feet, which would bring water perilously close to the monuments built on the low-lying land near the Potomac River. Both the NASA-funded University of California at Irvine and University of Washington studies had similar findings.

“We might be taking those paddle boats in the Tidal Basin right up to the base of the Jefferson Memorial, getting out, and walking up the steps,” says Ekwurzel.

Barking Moonbat

So, what we will have is a new venue for the Duck Tours then. Hey! I’m a firm believer in the free Enterprise system. If Washington floods, then provide a way for the tourists a new and fun way to get around. Of course, the answer from the Union of Concerned Moonbats is not what you might call economically friendly.

Ekwurzel, of the Union of Concerned Scientists, says the relatively narrow area of the Potomac River gives reason for hope in preserving the Old Town and National Mall landmarks: “This is an area where we could think of temporary structures that might inflate, or engineering structures that might move and close off the storm surge.”

Washington DC is not unlike New Orleans. It is a city that is doomed to be flooded out. If it wasn’t for the intervention of people, that area would already be underwater. What the Moonbats want is to waste huge amounts of money and institute a totalitarian government “For our own good.” What they fail to understand is that people don’t believe them when they scream “THE EARTH IS GOING TO BURN AND WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” To many people have spent hours digging out from the massive snow storms and paying huge heating bills. If Global Warming were a real phenomenon, then most people would welcome it. There’s a reason people move to Florida after all.

snow in Israel

Then there is another thing that the Church of Global Warming and the Union of Concerned Communist Scientists might want to consider. Most people think that Washington DC needs a good flushing. Right now it’s all backed up and the Turds on Capital Hill aren’t getting washed away. If they want to spend money, then they need to design and build a giant toilet plunger to clear the clogs.



~The Angry Webmaster~


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