Obama Judge saves John Conyers

This is annoying. As I wrote yesterday, John Conyers was disqualified and removed from the Democrat primary ballot. The reasons were simple. He broke the law. Actually, his campaign didn’t bother to confirm that all his petition signature gatherers were qualified to actually gather signatures.

It turned out that a couple of them weren’t and that the signatures on the petitions were invalid. This is a very basic and easy to comply with law in Michigan, and Conyers isn’t the first to run afoul of it. The problem is that Conyers can’t accept the fact that he screwed up so like any good member of the PLFD elite, he shopped around for a judge who would rule in his favor. He found one.


Right after I posted my response to the news that Conyers was out, more news came out late Friday that a federal judge issued an injunction and ordered Conyers back on the ballot. From what I understand, the State of Michigan tends to fight these cases right up to the Supreme Court, and that this type of case hasn’t actually made it there yet. I would suspect that the law will be upheld since it isn’t discriminatory, is easy to follow and has knocked other off the ballot in the past. In any case, here are some of the details from the Washington Times:

A judge on Friday ordered U.S. Rep. John Conyers‘ name placed on the August primary ballot, trumping Michigan election officials who said the Democrat was ineligible because of problems with his nominating petitions. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman capped a turbulent day of law and politics and appeared to diminish the possibility that Conyers – No. 2 in seniority in the House – might have to mount a write-in campaign to keep his 50-year congressional career alive.

I’ve looked up Judge Leitman1 and I’m not impressed. First, he is an Obama Appointee which automatically makes me wonder about his judicial abilities. Granted he was approved 98-0, but he is an Obama appointee and as we all know, Der Fubar only looks at the political, and never considers the legal, constitutional or national interests of his appointments. It looks like Leitman might be another one of those types of judges. One who doesn’t look at the Constitution or the Law, but rather does what’s good for the Progressive Liberal Transnational Elitist view of the world instead.

Leitman issued an injunction putting Conyers on the ballot. He said a Michigan law that puts strict requirements on petition circulators is similar to an Ohio law that was struck down as unconstitutional by a federal appeals court in 2008.

And there is the problem. That was an appellate decision and Ohio never took it to the Supreme Court. Now, I will state that I only know about the Ohio legal matter due to this ruling. I don’t know what the law said.

Leitman said the free speech rights of Conyers and the circulators were harmed, an argument pressed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan.

Bovine Droppings. This is all about protecting Progressive Liberal Fascist Democrats, nothing more. Where was the ACLU when this happened to a Republican candidate2? Oh wait, McCotter was a Republican, and that doesn’t count. To continue:

There is evidence that the failure to comply with the law was a “result of good-faith mistakes and that (circulators) believed they were in compliance with the statute,” the judge said.

Flying pig

Perhaps Judge Leitman might like to examine just how many people are in jail these days as a result of “Good faith mistakes.” From what I’ve heard from residents in Michigan, complying with this law is very easy to do. All Conyers campaign staff had to do was get a few people who had been registered in the district to get the signatures. Apparently, they brought in a few people from outside of the district and botched the registration process. Why they couldn’t get some long time local residents to help with this is beyond me, and apparently beyond the abilities of the Conyers Campaign.

The Michigan attorney general’s office had defended the law and urged Leitman to reject Conyers‘ challenge. Spokeswoman Joy Yearout said the state hasn’t decided whether to go to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the same court that struck down the Ohio law.

I suspect that the Attorney General’s office will appeal this decision. He really has to, considering how the PLFD’s over the decades have done everything they can to corrupt the election process to insure that only they win. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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