Sen. Schumer and the child molester

Good day all. As you probably know, unless you live in a cave, the Democrats and some of the GOP(e) RINO’s have been screeching about alleged contacts between Trump and his people and the Russians. One of the loudest mouths has been Senator Charles “UpChuck” Schumer.

However, it seems that Upchuck, besides being shown as a complete hypocrite with regard to Contacts with the Russians, seems to have helped a foreign national get a visa to come into the United States. Now normally, this isn’t all that big a deal. It becomes a big deal when the visa recipient ends up being charged with molesting a 12 year old girl. Here are the details from Fox News:

A snowshoe racer from India whose entry into the U.S. to compete was made possible by Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer was being held Friday in a New York jail on a sex charge.

The U.S. embassy in New Delhi last month rejected Tanveer Hussain’s application for a visa so he could compete in the World Snowshoe Championship in upstate.

Perhaps they refused a visa because they had some information on this pervert. Did you ever consider that Chuckles?

Local officials then intervened on Hussain’s behalf, appealing for help to the offices of Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. Their offices reached out to the New Delhi embassy, which allowed Hussain to reapply for a visa and granted that visa.

Now isn’t that sweet, Two of the biggest hypocrites on Capitol Hill help a someone who was twice refused a visa, get one and come in and molest a girl. Gee whizz Senator Gillibrand, I would think you, as a woman would be extra sensitive to things like this. I gusee not because…Progressive Democrat.

Saranac Lake Police Chief Charles Potthast told Fox News that the charges, one of first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and another of endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, stem from Hussain “engaging in a passionate kiss” with a 12-year-old girl, and accusations of the athlete touching her over her clothing in an “intimate area.”

If I had witnessed something like that, all the police would be doing is zipping up this clown in a body bag. Yeah, I’d probably have to go to court, but with the right jury, I think acquittal would be in the cards.

Barrett, who has entered a not guilty plea for his client, said the girl “had been following him around all week. But that’s really all I can say on that.”

So you’re going to try the Felonia von Pantsuit defense strategy? You might get your client off, but these days, well, juries might not be as stupid as they were back Felonia destroyed a rape victim on the stand, and then laughed about it. As for Upchuck’s office?

Schumer’s office told Fox News he often intervenes to facilitate international competition.

Hmm, so many ways to take this. Competition in taking American jobs and handing them to low cost foreign labor? Perhaps there’s a new competition on molesting preteen girls that needed entries from other countries I didn’t know about.

As we often do when local communities ask for help, at the request of Saranac Lake we helped to navigate the visa process so these athletes could compete at a local competition. The charges against one member of the group, who is accused of a serious crime and abusing our visa program, are extremely troubling. If he’s found guilty, he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

I believe that the phrase “Locking the door after the horse has left, gone to another country and molested a 12 year old girl” would be appropriate here. Apparently, there was also the fingerprints of a Republican Representative on the file as well. I’m sure that this Representative also deserves a good slam.

Barrett told Fox News that he is under the impression that Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., was involved in helping speed the process as well.

Our office simply inquired with the embassy as to why his visa was originally denied,” a spokesman for Stefanik told Fox News.

Yes, and?

We were told it was because he could not prove substantial ties to his country and we took no further action,” the Stefanik spokesman said.

Ah ha! So in this case, you simply asked WTF and were told that the embassy was worried that this pervert, once he got into the United States, would take a powder, (and a 12 year old girl), and disappear somewhere, becoming yet another Undocumented Immigrant Illegal perverted alien and future Democrat voter.

Once you understood that there was a good chance the perv would take off, you washed your hands of him. Of course, that sort of issue is nothing for a Progressive Democrat member of Congress. They want to allow illegal aliens to come in and commit the crimes Americans won’t commit, like molesting a 12 year old girl.

Nice going Upchuck. So, when are you going to resign? Isn’t the appearance of aiding in the sexual assault of a preteen girl so bad that you should step down immediately? I think that’s a lot worse that talking to the Russians about the future of the relations between the United States and the Federated Republics of Russia. But then you aren’t so “pure” in that regard either Upchuck, are you?


~The Angry Webmaster~

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