Amazon to New York: FOAD

Good day all. A week ago, I wrote a post that Amazon was thinking of canceling the project to build a new headquarters in New York. The project promptly came under fire from Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and other CommuNazis, all saying that it would be bad for New York.

Well, no one can say Amazon can’t take the hint. Today they announced that they will not be building a new HQ in New York, and won’t be bringing upwards of 25,000 new high paying jobs into the state. Here are the details from Fox News:

Amazon announced Thursday it was turning back on its plans to build its second headquarters in New York City, a company spokesman said in a statement. The move comes after backlash from lawmakers, notably Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who bemoaned the project.

“After much thought and deliberation, we’ve decided not to move forward with our plans to build a headquarters for Amazon in Long Island City, Queens,” the Seattle-based Amazon said in the release.

“For Amazon, the commitment to build a new headquarters requires positive, collaborative relationships with state and local elected officials who will be supportive over the long-term. While polls show that 70% of New Yorkers support our plans and investment, a number of state and local politicians have made it clear that they oppose our presence and will not work with us to build the type of relationships that are required to go forward with the project we and many others envisioned in Long Island City,” the statement reads.

So, the ruling elite decided that Amazon was bad and would not allow them to bring in thousands of new jobs. It sure is nice to see just how much the “Ever so caring” moonbats care about people looking for a good job. Hopefully, these people will set Occasional-Cortex and the other CommuNazis ears on fire from all the verbal abuse that they should be receiving.

New York is having a major problem with taxpayer running for the border, and taking all their taxable money with them. It’s nice to see they will put their personal interests ahead of the starving masses, yearning for a great job at high pay.’s senior economic analyst Mark Hamrick called it a “stunning development,” adding: “For those who didn’t want Amazon to bring the promised 25,000 new jobs and added economic vitality to the area: Be careful what you wish for.”

So, where is Amazon going to build it’s new HQ? They were planning on building a second one in Northern Virginia. I suspect that site is about to get a whole lot larger now. It doesn’t hurt that Virginia has welcomed Amazon with open arms. Nice going New York. Is it any wonder the rest of the country considers you to be idiots?


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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