Lie-a-watha Warren plans to throw 2 million out of work, day one

Good day all. Elizabeth “Princess Little Big Liar” Warren has announced her plans to create a Fascist Totalitarian state, and one of the first things she plans to do is institute a socialist single payer healthcare system.

Warren’s plan is, of course a pipe dream. If enacted, it would bankrupt the country in a few short years. Beyond that, is the human cost. All the people who work in the medical insurance field will suddenly be superfluous, and will lose their jobs. Fauxahontas’s response? “It’s part of the cost.” Here are the details from Fox News:

Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said Wednesday that she agrees with a University of Massachusetts-Amherst economist who concluded a Medicare-for-All health care plan could result in substantial job losses, calling it “part of the cost issue.”

Just how bad will the job losses be if Warren gets her way? They won’t be bad, they will be massive.

Robert Pollin of Umass’ Political Economy Research Institute told Kaiser Health News earlier this year that most of the roughly 2 million estimated job losses would hit administrative positions — about half among insurers and half in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

That’s 2 million people directly thrown out of work. It doesn’t include the secondary job losses. Those would be the people who sell things to the ones who were also thrown out of work. People making cars, restaurant staff, sales people, etc. The ripple effect could easily add another 2-5 million unemployed within months. Princess Little Big Liar? She couldn’t care less.

Warren was made aware of Pollin’s conclusions during an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio.

So, I agree,” replied Warren. “I think this is part of the cost issue and should be part of a cost plan.

“Although do recognize on this what we’re talking about, and that is in effect, how much of our health care dollars have not gone to health care?” she added.

Another problem with Warren’s plan is how she is going to pay for it. Currently, it’s estimated to cost $30 trillion dollars over the first ten years. Without a doubt, that will be incorrect and the costs will double or triple in very short order. Warren will not speak about this.

Medicare-for-All has become a point of contention among Democrats vying for the White House. Warren has come pressure from her presidential rivals to explain how she would raise the necessary $30 trillion over 10 years to fund the plan. She failed to answer whether middle-class taxes would increase under her plan during this month’s Democratic debate in Ohio and has side-stepped similar questions on the campaign trail.

Of course she hasn’t said how she will pay for it. There is no way to pay for it. All she’s done is lie and dodge the question, and claim she will “Soak the rich!”

Warren told McDermott she plans to release a detailed plan soon.

“We will see, most likely, rich people’s costs go up, corporations costs go up, but the cost to middle-class families will go down,” she said. “I will not sign any legislation into law for which costs for middle-class families do not go down.”

One of the things Lie-a-watha has been pushing is a “Wealth tax. She wants to confiscate a percentage of someone’s assets. (Generally around 2%) The problem is, stealing every penny from the “Rich” might pay for this for maybe a year or two. The other problems are that those very same people do not have vaults full of cash that the roll around in ala Scrooge McDuck. It’s all on paper and invested in job producing businesses.

Another problem this totalitarian bitch isn’t acknowledging is the probability that all those rich people will liquidate their holdings 10 minutes after she’s declared the winner and move out of the United States. So where is all that money going to come from? Everyone else. The only person on the Democrat side to say this is Comrade Bernie Sanders, but he wants to institute communism, so raping the middle class is just fine with him.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has said taxes will increase “for virtually everybody” but will ultimately cost less than what workers are currently paying “for premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.”

As I said, at least Comrade Bernie is honest about wanting to destroy the American Dream. Warren is, as usual, lying through her teeth. If, by some miracle, she won the election and got control of both the house and senate, and they actually pushed all this through? The economy would crash overnight. Within 6 months, I would estimate the unemployment rate hitting at least 15%, and within a year, closer to 30%

Of course, by the time that happens the Second American Civil War would be well underway, and the entire global economy would be rapidly sinking beneath the waves. The good news is, while Fauxahontas might win the nomination, she won’t win the general election. (Of course, this is why the Democrats are trying to Impeach President Trump. He will crush the Democrat nominee)


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