Don’t call Bloomies “Mayor,” Call him “Comrade President”

Good day all. It’s been a couple of weeks since Michael A. “Bloomies” Bloomberg announced he was buying the presidency in 2020. Of course, Bloomies has a small problem. He has to actually get people to vote for him first.

Still, the Mayor with a Napoleonic complex and the height to match isn’t one to let a little thing like voters stand in his way. He’s already telling the Red Chinese how much he admires their totalitarian way of doing things. Here are the details from the Intelligencer:

At first glance, Michael Bloomberg’s campaign for the Democratic nomination looked like the answer to a question no one asked.

Perhaps a few Democratic-primary voters were pining for a corporate-friendly centrist who lacked Joe Biden’s appeal to nonwhite people and one-upped his baggage on issues of racial justice, financial regulation, entitlement spending, and sexual harassment. But while this constituency may be large enough to fully staff a “Conscious Capitalism” panel at Davos, it seems far too small to supply the billionaire with a plurality of Democratic delegates.

I wouldn’t call Bloomies a “Centrist.” I would call him a petty little tyrant.

It’s now clear, however, that Bloomberg is casting a wider net. In a recent interview with PBS — which recirculated on social media on Sunday — the former New York mayor signaled that he intends to run in the “unrepentant Stalinist” lane of the Democratic primary.

I wonder how that makes him any different from most of the other Democrat candidates?

Asked by Firing Line’s Margaret Hoover about how the U.S. can get China and India to be good partners in the fight against climate change, Bloomberg argued that the Chinese Communist Party was ecologically friendly, democratically accountable, and invulnerable to the threat of revolution.

Oh that’s rich! Every single part of that sentence is wrong, including “And” and “The.” Not even Comrade Bernie is buying that load of Communist claptrap.

Bloomberg’s views here stand in stark contrast to those of Bernie Sanders. Although some centrist pundits have declared the Vermont senator a proto-authoritarian leftist, Sanders’s own rhetoric belies that title.

Actually, no it doesn’t.

The self-avowed “socialist” has cast Xi’s China as the leader of an “international authoritarian axis,” one that has been “clamping down on domestic political freedom while it aggressively promotes a version of authoritarian capitalism abroad.”

I seem to recall that these doctrinaire arguments are a virtual pastime with the hard left. Of course, they have a nasty tendency of the losers of these arguments being purged by the winners into a gulag or mass grave.

Sanders’s broadsides against Chinese communism have led some on the left to decry him as a bourgeois deviationist and imperialist dog.

Thus Bloomberg’s apparent aim is to assemble a motley coalition of penthouse-owning executives with a financial interest in appeasing Beijing and basement-dwelling “tankies” with an ideological investment in Xi Jinping Thought.

I had to look up the phrase “Tankies.” Not being a commie scumbag, I had no frame of reference. Another term for it could be Stalinist, which is something I have heard and know. It’s just another word for “Murderous Tyrant.”

Okay: Michael Bloomberg is probably not making a conscious play for the “kratom-track” Maoist vote in South Carolina.

It would be a very small vote, but yeah, I think that Napoleonic nitwit would make a play for that group. He will need a trustworthy source for the secret police force he intends to build.

As a substantive matter, Bloomberg does have a small kernel of a point: The Chinese government does not rule by brute force alone, enjoys significant popular support, and has demonstrated a concern with responding to certain forms of public disaffection — including complaints about air quality in the nation’s primary cities.

I think you might want to ask the people of Hong Kong, who are about to be slaughtered and the survivors sent to some gulag in the Gobi desert about the Red Chinese government have lots of support. Most people in china just want to go about their daily lives. However, if they step out of line, they will get slapped down hard.

It is unclear why Bloomberg thinks “They’re now moving [coal] plants away from the cities” qualifies as evidence of China’s commitment to combating climate change.

Because Bloomies, like all elitists, is a complete and utter fraud. All he cares about is himself. As for all those “Little People?” They will just have to shut up and do what he tells them to do or else.

It may be difficult to discern the logic of Bloomberg’s apologia for Xi. But it’s quite easy to posit a logical reason for Bloomberg to spew illogical apologies for the Communist Party: The billionaire has vast financial interests in China, and those interests have allegedly compromised his civic-minded endeavors in the past. In 2013, the New York Times reported that Bloomberg News had killed an investigation that had threatened to upset Chinese officials.

And there it is! Bloomies is getting hit in the wallet by President Trump and he intends to, if elected, to drop his pants and bend over for the Chinese. Basically, he fully intends to sell out America and anyone else who might be threatened by the People’s Republic of China.

Donald Trump has tried to paint his Democratic opponents as cosseted coastal elites who are in bed with China, exert undue influence over the mainstream media, and want to tell working-class Americans how to live. If Democrats somehow nominate Bloomberg, Trump’s ideal foil will be made of money instead of straw.

The problem with way to many in Government is their willingness to sell out their country to powers not friendly to the United States. William Jefferson Clinton started the trend with the PRC when he cleared the sale of technology that allowed the Red Chinese to build missiles that can hit the United States.

George W. Bush did nothing to slow the trend of corporations shipping manufacturing jobs overseas, especially to China. Obama? He tended to prefer to ship cash to Islamic countries that want to destroy us but he didn’t do anything to law back our manufacturing base. In fact, he announced that those jobs were gone and to get over it.

Next we have former RINO, Justin Amash. He became a firm Never Trumper, to the point of leaving the Republican Party, (And good riddance to bad trash), because his family also has extensive business ties to China. Are we seeing a trend here? These are all people who really don’t care what happens to American in general so long as they get theirs.

If the Democrats nominate Bloomies, the ads and tweets from president Trump just write themselves. Bloomies has a long history of ignoring the Constitution and suppressing the rights of people. He hates the 2nd Amendment and has stated he will put judges on the bench who will rewrite the amendment to his specifications. (Gun confiscation is constitutional)

Somehow, I don’t think Bloomies will be able to buy the nomination. Of course, he has billions of dollars lying around, so if he wants to waste it, let him. If, by some miracle, he won the presidency, he will trash the economy for everyone but himself and his friends and begin a full bore suppression of the American People. (If you like your Big Gulp, you can’t have it. Bloomies will ban it. Guns? You are kidding, right?)

I don’t have to tell you how well all his tyrannical ideas will go over in most of the country, and what will probably happen if he carries out his threats. Of course, the Democrats still have other losers running. Comrade Bernie, who is a real communist, Fauxahontas Warren, who is a Stalinist, Slow Joe Biden who is an idiot who likes to feel up little girls and take bribes from China and the Ukraine though his son, and of course, Mayor Buttplug from South bend Indiana. I suspect one of those losers will be the nominee. Or Felonia von Pantsuit might fulfill her threat and jump into the race.


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~The Angry Webmaster~


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