The Karlan Katastrophe

Good day all. Last week, No Nads Nadler and the CommuNazis began phase two of their coup plans against the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. No Nads, who is the chairman of the House Judicial Committee, opened hearings to impeach President Trump. It didn’t go as planned, again.

The last time No Nads tried something like this, he dragged Robert Mueller in front of his committee. The idea was to get Mueller to provide more details regarding his report that No Nads and the other Democrats could use to “Get Trump!” As we saw, Mueller didn’t have a clue what was in that report that he allegedly wrote.

Now that Adam Schifthead has completed his “Investigation”, he has sent his prewritten report to No Nads committee to open a formal Impeachment hearing. No Nads and the other “Brilliant” Democrats thought that bringing in left wing academics to tell everyone that yes, there were grounds to impeach President Trump. As usual, their cunning plans detonated in their faces. One of the anemic academics, Pamela Karlan, so hates President Trump that she decided it was a good idea to go after his son, Baron Trump. Here are the details of that and other idiocies from Fox News:

First lady Melania Trump said Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan, who testified at Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, “should be ashamed” for invoking her 13-year-old son’s name as the butt of a joke during testimony.

So, what did Karlan say that triggered Mama Melania’s anger?

Karlan used Barron Trump’s name to illustrate her point that President Trump can’t rule like a king.

“The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility, so while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron,” Karlan said in the committee room, prompting chuckles across the room.

If I recall correctly, Baron Trump is about 13 years old now. This means that President Trump was still Mr. Donald Trump when he was born. While I may wonder about what was going through the Trump’s heads the day Baron was born, it was a decision made by BOTH of them, Ms. Karlan, not just by President Trump. You’ve done two things here. First, and more importantly, you have royally pissed off Baron’s mom.

A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics,” the first lady tweeted. “Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering, and using a child to do it.”

I have a feeling if Karlan had done this in the presence of Melania Trump, she would have ended up wearing an item of food, or possibly nursing a very sore cheek after getting slapped upside the head. The other thing this “joke” did was completely destroy any and all credibility she might have had as a “Legal Scholar.”

Karlan, along with the others brought in by the Democrats were meant to put a nice scholarly sheen on this pile of crap they are calling an impeachment hearing. Now people are looking into her background, along with the others and guess what? They are nothing more then a pack of ivory tower elitists who all hate President Trump. Karlan may be the worst of the bunch. Here are a few more details from another Fox News story:

The Stanford Law School professor who sparked backlash from the White House Wednesday after invoking the president’s minor son during the first day of the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry previously stated that she once crossed the street just to avoid passing one of President Trump’s hotels.

Pamela Karlan, who was one of three witnesses who testified before the committee on Wednesday, told a 2017 American Constitution Society panel that she couldn’t stomach walking past the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. Video of the panel from two years ago resurfaced online after Karlan’s public testimony.

I came in from the airport yesterday and I got off the bus from Dulles down at L’Enfant Plaza and I walked up to the hotel and as I was walking past what used to be the old post office building and is now Trump hotel,” Karlan told an audience in 2017. “I had to cross the street, of course.”

Fellow panelist Neil Siegel asked: “Are you staying there?”

God, no! Never!” Karlan responded.

And this is the person the Democrats called to say that President Trump should be impeached? She’s also, allegedly, teaching a future generation of ambulance chasers lawyers on the law and constitution?

I’ve been doing a little digging into this twit and she is a classic moonbat. She has championed every leftist cause that came down the pike. Her reward was going to work in the Obama/Holder Justice department in the Civil Rights division. She lasted about a year. The position didn’t require being confirmed by the senate, and considering her history, I can see why. Obama even considered her briefly to replace Souter when that worthless dork stepped down, but she was to radical even for the Obama regime. Karlen did try to walk back her “joke”, trying to save some semblance of her credibility.

Karlan later apologized during the same committee hearing, taking a dig at President Trump.

“I want to apologize for what I said earlier about the president’s son,” Karlan said. “It was wrong of me to do that. I wish the president would apologize, obviously, for the things that he’s done that’s wrong, but I do regret having said that.”

Karlen hates President Trump. She is a moonbat’s moonbat, and probably hates everyone who supports President Trump including all the “Deplorables” that voted for him in 2016. She is also, like pretty much all Progressive Liberal Democrats, utterly out of touch with reality. She doesn’t seem to understand what might happen if her dream of impeaching and convicting President Trump actually happened. Allow me to educate her.

It will prove to millions of Americans that President Trump was right. There is a Deep State that will do anything to maintain their power, that the Left, (Of which Pamela Karlen is a member), will do whatever it takes to destroy anyone who stands in their way. I won’t go any further, I’ll let your imaginations figure out how this could, sadly, go.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Thanks to this poor excuse of a joke, the judicial committee hearings have been shown to be what they are. A complete and utter farce. I’ve mentioned before that I believe the Democrats will impeach President Trump on a party line vote.

I also believe that the Senate will either junk the whole thing as a joke, or use it to go after the Democrats and force them to talk about all their crimes, like Slow Joe the Groper Biden and his cokehead son, Hunter. They will have the ability to drag into the Senate trial all those Deep Staters and Obama thugs who did what they are accusing President Trump of doing.

President Trump will be acquitted, reelected, probably by a much bigger margin, the house will probably flip back to the Republicans and Attorney General William Barr will be unleashed. None of this is going to end well for the Progressive Liberal Democrat CommuNazis, and I will enjoy watching them being hoist by their own petard.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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