Bloomberg News won’t investigate Democrats

Good day all. Now that Bloomies is running for the presidency, the news service he created and built his fortune on, Bloomberg News, is in a bit of a pickle. How do they maintain their credibility and yet, not piss off the boss?

The correct answer would be to do their best to remain neutral and if any sort of conflicts of interest come up, announce them. If they couldn’t maintain their objectivity, (OK, stop laughing now), then they don’t cover the race other then in the most basic manner.

Bloomberg news chose the third, and worst option. They will not do any investigative reporting on any of the Democrat candidates running for President. However, they will go after any Republicans. (Which is two or three total losers and President Trump) Here are the details from Politico:

Bloomberg News will report on Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential campaign, though will not investigate the candidate or his Democratic rivals, the company’s top editor told staff on Sunday.

We will write about virtually all aspects of this presidential contest in much the same way as we have done so far,” Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait told staff in a Sunday memo. “We will describe who is winning and who is losing. We will look at policies and their consequences. We will carry polls, we will interview candidates and we will track their campaigns, including Mike’s.”

Micklethwait also said that some of the news organization’s opinion and editorial writers would take a leave to join the campaign.

Oh, gee, there isn’t any conflicts of interest with that, are there?

Bloomberg News has struggled in the past with reporting on the political ambitions of its billionaire owner, whose personal life and wealth the newsroom has long avoided covering during both his business career and in three terms as New York mayor.

It is rather hard to report on the man who can fire you if you annoy him, and who also has a deep seated Napoleon complex as well. (Bloomies is short and thinks he should rule. Not govern or administer, rule)

Although Bloomberg News covered Bloomberg’s words and actions while he was mayor, the newsroom did not initiate investigations on him, a policy the global media company — which employs roughly 2,700 journalists and analysts — will continue as he runs for president and will also extend to the rest of the Democratic field.

As Mayor, Bloomies did a lot of things that make most people cringe. He isn’t a big fan of the Bill of Rights, particularly things like the 2nd and 4th Amendments to the Constitution. He also thinks he should tell people how to live their lives, what to eat and drink and in general, how to run their lives. Of course, Bloomies doesn’t think those rules apply to him.

We cannot treat Mike’s Democratic competitors differently from him,” Micklethwait wrote. “If other credible journalistic institutions publish investigative work on Mike or the other Democratic candidates, we will either publish those articles in full, or summarize them for our readers — and we will not hide them.”

Well, they will be published on the last page of the Gardening section. (Does Bloomberg news have a gardening section?)

Micklethwait said Chief Content Officer Marty Schenker would “take special responsibility for overseeing our news coverage” of Bloomberg and his Democratic rivals and respond to questions that arise.

I think this is a structure that can cope with many eventualities,” he wrote. “No doubt, many of you are already thinking of possible complexities that may arise. My response is: let’s get back to work. We can spend a long time debating ‘what ifs.’ I would rather that we got on with the journalism and let that speak for itself. So write, blog, broadcast — and the rest will take care of itself.”

And if we run across something that might anger the boss, well we have this spike thing to put those kinds of stories on. Here’s the thing. Bloomberg’s service is used by financial houses around the world, and they charge a bunchaton of money for each subscription. Years ago, I worked for a financial service that you would all recognize. One of the things I had to do was set up the custom keyboards for new people. You would not believe how much those keyboards cost.

Bloomberg should sell that business. He’s already worth $50 billion, and he would need several 18 wheelers to cart away the money he would make from such a sale. He won’t though, since it would mean giving up something he loves more then life. Control. While me might buy the Democrat nomination, (Doubtful), he will lose the general election once his view are more widely known. Those views are diametrically opposed to most people in the United States. Of course, Bloomberg News has announced that they won’t comment on that little tidbit of information. Stick the fork in, they’re all done.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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