Never Trumper Amash will vote to Impeach Trump

Good day all. Now that the railroading of President Trump is underway in the House of Representatives, many people are wondering who will and will not vote to impeach President Trump for the high crime of being President Trump.

We have the answer on one of them. Representative Justin Amash, (I-China), has announced he doesn’t care what the grounds for impeachment are, he’s voting for them. Here are the details from The Hill:

Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.) said Friday that he would vote for the articles of impeachment when House Democrats bring them to the House for a vote.

Amash, who left the Republican party this summer, said on his way to the House floor that he believes that there is “sufficient evidence” against President Trump for obstruction of Congress, obstruction of justice and abuse of power, though he said he would have to see how each of the articles were written before he would vote yes, CNN reports.

“Impeachment is like an indictment. We’re just issuing the charges,” he continued. “The trial happens in the Senate. There’s certainly probable cause to issue charges.”

Here is the reason Amashole is saying he will vote to Impeach President Trump. His family does major business with the Chinese, and they are getting hit hard in the trade war now underway between the United States and China. Amashole isn’t doing this for good government reasons, he’s doing it to protect his bottom line.

No Republican is expected to vote in favor of the articles. The one GOP lawmaker in the House who was on the fence — Rep. Francis Rooney (Fla.) — told the network that he thinks that there was “a rush to judgment” by House Democrats, citing that they should’ve sought out first-hand testimony from Trump administration officials who had been blocked from testifying.

A rush to judgment? Please! The Democrats announced their plans to Impeach President Trump the day after the election. As for Rooney the loony? If he votes with the Democrats, he’s toast and will be primaried.

As for Amashole, that lying weasel bailed out of the Republican party last summer. he’s also been getting an earful from his constituents who consider him to be a Deep State Uniparty slimeball. He left the party for a simple reason. He was cratering in the polls and would have lost to a primary challenger. Now he intends to act as a spoiler and hand his seat to the Democrats. Voting to Impeach President Trump for nothing is par for the course for this two-faced lowlife.


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