What happened to Drudge, Part II

Last spring I wrote a post asking if Matt Drudge had suddenly become a “Never Trumper.” The Drudge Report has always been the “Go To” site for conservatives and liberals. Drudge was very supportive of Candidate Trump and then Newly Sworn in President Trump.

However, over the last year his links changed from both sides of the aisle to mostly nut sites such as Infowars, MSDNC and CNN. I wasn’t the only one to notice this. Now the rumors are flying that Matt Drudge has sold the Drudge Report and is no longer associated with the site. Here are some of the details from The Sparta Report:

It’s no surprise to conservatives that Drudge Report has been a little different these past few months. The front page news site has taken a decidedly nevertrumper turn with extremely slanted coverage of President Trump and spreading “doom porn” for Republicans who still go to the site.

So we’ve noticed. Thank you for stating the obvious. How about telling us why.

Rasmussen Reports stated this morning that there are rumors that Matt Drudge has sold the site and is in the final stages of the sale:

Rasmussen Reports


We don’t think Matt is there anymore, CFP. Word is he sold, just waiting for confirmation. Now that will be a story.
BTW, you are the guy to catch.

I haven’t been able to find any true confirmation, and if this is true, it would explain a lot regarding what is happening with the Drudge Report. For me, I’ve pretty much stopped going there, and have finally taken the step of removing his links from my bookmarks. (I have his url in an archive section, and of course I’ve long since memorized the url)

Now I’m starting to follow The Bongino Report. I first saw him on Fox News, and he does tilt to the right. Unlike leftist organizations, Bongino isn’t hiding this fact, which allows you to judge for yourself. Well, if Drudge has sold out to the left, I hope he enjoys his ill gotten gains in his retirement. He has shot his credibility. The only excuse I can think of is that he’s signed some sort of Non-Disclosure Agreement and isn’t able to say what is going on. Eventually, we will find out the truth. For now, all we have are rumors.


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