Virginia Democrats considering martial law over gun control

Good day all. The Democrats, thanks to the moonbats in the northern part of the state, (Almost all work in the Beltway swamp and are Deep Staters), now have full control of the state government. One of the first things they have announced they will do once the new term starts is massive new gun control laws.

They intend to ban semiautomatic rifles, restrict magazines capacity, Red flag laws and even flat out confiscation. This has led to a massive backlash with most of the counties flat out stating they will not comply with these laws. Instead of rethinking their tyrannical plans, the Democrats have floated the idea of deploying the National Guard to arrest anyone who won’t bow down to them and hand in their guns. Here are the details from the Washington Examiner:

Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill say local police who do not enforce gun control measures likely to pass in Virginia should face prosecution and even threats of the National Guard.

After November’s Virginia Legislature elections that led to Democrats taking control of both chambers, the gun control legislation proposed by some Democrats moved forward, including universal background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, and a red flag law.

All of which are unconstitutional, both federally and I understand, at the state level as well. This isn’t going to slow down the Progressive Liberal Democrats of course.

Legal firearm owners in the state, however, joined with their sheriffs to form Second Amendment sanctuary counties, which declare the authorities in these municipalities uphold the Second Amendment in the face of any gun control measure passed by Richmond.

Over 75 counties in Virginia have so far adopted such Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions in the commonwealth, the latest being Spotsylvania County. The board of supervisors voted unanimously to approve a resolution declaring that county police will not enforce state-level gun laws that violate Second Amendment rights.

I understand that this covers most of the state. I’ll let those who live there provide better information in the comments section. Now with that number, you would think the Democrats would pause and reflect on what was going on. You would be mistaken.

Virginia Democratic officials, however, already say local law enforcement supporting these resolutions will face consequences if they do not carry out any law the state Legislature passes.

I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath,” Democratic Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly told the Washington Examiner of local county police who may refuse to enforce future gun control measures. “The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”

Perhaps Connolly has forgotten a few things. Slavery was once legal in his state. Killing Jews was once legal in Germany and later all of Europe. Many things that were flat out wrong were legal. Some were cleared up by the courts, other required violence at levels that horrify most people.

Democratic Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin suggested cutting off state funds to counties that do not comply with any gun control measures that pass in Richmond.

They certainly risk funding, because if the sheriff’s department is not going to enforce the law, they’re going to lose money. The counties’ attorneys offices are not going to have the money to prosecute because their prosecutions are going to go down,” he said.

That can work both ways you know. The residents of those areas can refuse to pay taxes to the state government, perhaps giving some of it to their local governments instead. And, of course, we also see that the Democrats have no problem making sure the innocent are endangered as long as they get their way.

McEachin also noted that Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam could call the National Guard, if necessary.

And ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,” he said. “That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.”

Well, isn’t that interesting. For all intents and purposes, you are saying the governor will declare martial law and deploy troops to suppress the rights of the citizens. Now there are a few problems with this. First, I understand that there are about 7000 members of the Virginia National Guard. They are going to be seriously outnumbered, and honestly, outgunned.

Second, you are assuming that all those Guard troops are actually going to report for duty. If they are told to report for the purposes of going after the areas that are telling the Democrats to pound sand, there is a very good chance most of them won’t show up. Alternatively, they could show, draw their weapons and ammunition and then deploy into Richmond. Not to protect the governor and the legislators pushing this, but to remove them from office by force. Of course, the fascist totalitarian Progressive Liberal Democrats simply are refusing to get the message.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring blamed the numerous Second Amendment resolutions in the state on the “gun lobby” as a tactic to frighten state residents.

The resolutions that are being passed are being ginned up by the gun lobby to try to scare people. What we’re talking about here are laws that will make our communities and our streets safer,” Herring told CBS 6.

So, when Virginia passes these gun safety laws that they will be followed, they will be enforced,” he added.

You may not have noticed, (Actually you probably don’t care), but a number of states that have passed these draconian “Turn them in” laws have seen zero compliance. While I don’t know the Virginia state constitution, I am given to understand that it has a few things to say about the right to keep and bear arms. (I’ll rely on people who know that constitution to better inform me in the comments)

Thanks to the totalitarian Progressive Liberal Democrats nationwide, this country is now, once again, a powder keg with the Democrats waving around burning torches. It won’t take much to touch things off, and if Virginia blows up, I don’t see how this can be kept from spreading around the country. Of course, if it is contained, and the Democrats in Virginia are removed forcefully from office, it might just scare the crap out of the rest of the moonbats and tell them they have gone to far. Stay tuned. I believe the new government will be sworn in next month.


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