That was one happy alligator

Good day all. Last summer, a body was found in Florida, and it had been partially eaten by an alligator. The local officials tracked down the gator, and put it down. (Can’t have a man eater on the loose). Now they have determined that the alligator didn’t kill this man, he just chowed down on the remains. This is where things get interesting.

It turns out that the deceased actually died due to an overdose. Here are the details from Fox News:

The Florida man who was found partially eaten by an alligator earlier this year died from a meth overdose — not a gator attack, as was speculated, according to autopsy results.

After the man’s body was discovered, the FWC trapped and killed the alligator. A necropsy found Ford’s hand and foot inside of the reptile’s stomach, but the medical examiner said it appears the alligator — which reportedly weighed 450 pounds and was around 12 feet long — attacked Ford after he died.

So what killed this guy?

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said they were investigating Ford’s death and on Wednesday, the county medical examiner’s office confirmed he died of “methamphetamine intoxication,” WTSP reported.

Now, the story doesn’t say how the identified which alligator chowed down on the Meth head, but I think they figured it out when they saw a gator jonesing around for his next hit, and he was tweaking out rather badly. Personally, when they catch the people who supplied the dead guy with Meth, they should also charge them with cruelty to animals. Who knows what effect Methamphetamine has on our reptilian friends.

One last thing. Does anyone know, under these circumstances, if alligators get the munchies?


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