Biden would put Obama on the Supreme Court

Good day all. Slow Joe “the Groper” Biden is acting like the typical third rate Democrat political hack that he is. He’s promising everything to everyone to get elected. Now he’s decided that it would be a great idea to promise to put Barack Obama on the Supreme Court.

If there was anyone who is absolutely unqualified to be on any court, including the basketball court. It’s Barack Hussein Obama. Groping Joe knows this, but the fact that he’s put it out there shows how desperate he is. As you might expect, he’s paying this up for all it’s worth. Here are the details from the Daily Caller:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told reporters on Saturday he would nominate former President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court “if he’d take it.”

Biden asked here in Washington, Iowa, if he would ever nominate former President Obama to serve on the Supreme Court. ‘If he’d take it, yes,’” reported Wall Street Journal reporter Ken Thomas on Twitter.

There is the big question. Would Obama actually accept being nominated to the Supreme Court? Unless the Democrats take the Senate, it’s highly unlikely he would be confirmed. He would be, regardless of who holds the Senate, raked over the coals by the Republicans, and unlike the Democrat hatchet jobs on Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, they would have actual hard evidence of Obama’s misdeeds.

On the campaign trail, Biden has on several occasions mentioned his loyalty to Obama including paying tribute to the former 44th president on “National Best Friends Day.”

A loyalty not returned by Der Fubar.

Biden has remained the frontrunner throughout Democratic presidential primary despite the absence of Obama’s endorsement.

When asked if he wanted the former president to endorse him if the election was to come down to three contenders, Biden told Politico, “No, because everyone knows I’m close with him. I don’t need an Obama endorsement.”

Since Biden is a typical party hack. He will always remain loyal to those above him. However, Obama is anything but a party hack. For him, it’s always been about himself and who can help him the most. That was the reason he chose Slow Joe Biden as his running mate.

Biden might end up with the Nomination. He could also end up under indictment. He will never be president of the United States. Even Obama knew that and tried to talk Biden out of running. Now all of the Biden Family Dirt is coming out and it’s questionable if Biden will even be in the race in a few months. (Under arrest would be nice) As for Obama becoming a Supreme Court justice?


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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