The Virginia Boogaloo

Good day all. Now that the Democrats are taking control of the Virginia government, they are preparing to pass some laws stripping away the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizens. This includes flat out bans and confiscation of firearms.

This has led to most of the state’s counties and cities declaring themselves “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries” and that local officials will not support or enforce the anti-Second Amendment laws about to be pushed through by the Democrats.

The Democrats, led by Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam, instead of pulling back and rethinking their plans, are actually doubling down. This has led to the aforementioned 2nd Amendment sanctuaries, along with citizens telling the Democrats that they won’t obey the orders. This is leading to what is becoming known as the “Virginia Boogaloo.” People are now saying they are willing to use force to protect their rights. Here are some of the details from the Washington Examiner:

The clash in Virginia over gun control has reached a new level, with proponents of a gun “sanctuary” movement urging active resistance to Democratic proposals in Richmond, citing the arguments that led to the American Revolution.

Resistance to illegal and unauthorized government acts is not new,” said two leaders of the movement in noting the decisions by the Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence that challenged Great Britain and King George III.

This doctrine is, in fact, foundational to our form of government. Indeed, the Declaration of Independence is a document of interposition, between the American colonists and a tyrannical King George III. Its signatories — the people’s representatives — pledged to one another ‘our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor,’ believing that they most likely would be tried and executed for treason against the crown,” said the new memo from the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the Virginia-based Gun Owners of America Inc.

This is pretty blunt. While it doesn’t call for the removal of the state government by force, yet, there isn’t anything subtle regarding comparing Northam and the Democrats to King George III and the British Parliament of the time. Of course, the Democrats are not listening. In response to the 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement, The State Attorney General Mark “Red” Herring said “that the sanctuaries have “no legal effect.”

In reaction, gun owners have flooded into county and city meetings to demand that their representatives approve sanctuary resolutions to ignore gun control laws, similar to how immigration sanctuary resolutions work.

Should the government in Richmond act lawlessly, then local officials and the people they represent will not cooperate and may take steps to actively resist,” said the letter.

As I mentioned earlier, the State Attorney General, who is militantly anti-second amendment issues his “Comply or else” message.

Herring last week issued an opinion that the resolutions have no legal effect. What’s more, he said that local governments must give in to the state government.

All localities, local constitutional officers, and other local officials are obligated to follow duly enacted state laws,” he wrote. “It is my opinion that these resolutions have no legal effect,” he added.

Herring and Northam, along with the other Democrats appear to be rather tone deaf, not to mention flat out ignoring both the will of the people and the state and federal constitutions.

Their, (The sanctuary movement leaders), letter said, “The U.S. Constitution and the Virginia Constitution are the statements of the will of the people themselves, and the compacts from which the Virginia legislature draws its authority. Should the Virginia General Assembly, along with the Virginia governor or attorney general, enact and attempt to enforce a law which is prohibited by Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, or Article I, Section 13 of the Virginia Constitution, and the pre-existing, inalienable rights of the people, then such law is of no legitimacy — and void. In response, local government officials who have sworn an oath to uphold the federal and state constitutions unquestionably have the inherent power — and the duty — to refuse to enforce such unconstitutional laws, and even to protect the people against enforcement.”

I think that sometime in the next month or so things are going to come to a head in Virginia. The legislature will either back down and scrap their plans, or they will carry them out and pass their property confiscation laws. The problem will come when they order the police at all levels to enforce the law. Most of them will probably refuse.

This has led to Governor Blackface to ask for $4.8 million dollars to create an 18 person force to enforce the new laws. Basically, he wants to recruit a goon squad rivaling the Gestapo that won’t hesitate to use force against gun owners who won’t comply. The request is already under fire and probably won’t happen. This is a good thing since all it will do is put a major bullseye on their backs. If they actually raided someone’s house, there is a good chance of shooting and things would blow up quickly.

And this is where the Virginia Boogaloo comes into play. The worst case scenario would be flat out armed resistance and a number of both law enforcement and citizens being killed or wounded. In very short order tens of thousands of armed Virginians would descend on Richmond with the intent of removing the state government from office. (And probably hanging the lot of them)

Seeing that group coming for them would probably cause the Democrats to basically run for the hills, probably by heading into Washington and demanding that President Trump send in troops to put down the “Rebellion.” I don’t see President Trump doing that, and frankly, besides the violations of Posse Comitatus, would probably result in military personnel refusing the order. What might happen is the “Government in Exile” would be told to resign.

The other case is that, since violence may have already happened, is that all the Democrats who pushed these laws get caught and, to put it bluntly, strung up. At this point things would get rather hazy. Without a doubt, you would see other people in other states deciding that it was time to put an end to the Democrats in office. What happens then is beyond my crystal ball’s capabilities.

The wisest course of action for the Democrats in Virginia is to just forget all these gun control plans of theirs and figure out what their retirement plans will be once they are turned out of office in the next elections. However, never let it be said that the Democrats were a wise political party capable of deep thoughts and reflection.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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