The Virginia Boogaloo, Pt. II

Good day all. The Democrats ruining the Commonwealth of Virginia are continuing their plans to strip away the constitutional rights of the citizens. However, they have forgotten that the citizens may object to their plans to revoke the 2nd Amendment.

Monday, there is a rally to protest the Democrat’s plans to strip away people’s rights. The protest is expected to draw thousands of people, every one of them furious at the totalitarian actions of the governor and the new legislature. This has caused Governor Blackface Northam to declare a state of emergency and ban the carrying of firearms in the state capitol.

This was instantly challenged in court, and from what I understand, should have a been a slam dunk denial of Northam’s declaration. However, the courts decided to side with the progressive totalitarians. Now the latest I’ve hears is that there is going to be a cell phone jammer in place. I have zero confirmation regarding this, and that would require FCC approval. I’ve also heard that a NOTAM has been put in place banning drones and overflights of the capitol. I’m not a pilot and honestly don’t know how to confirm/deny this. I’ll let others look into it.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects in the Democrat Propaganda Corp are hard at work trying to paint the protesters as racists, white supremacists and everything else under the sun. The paranoia of the Progressive Liberal Democrats has been growing by the minute, and with that further rumors of restrictions being placed on the American citizens who refuse to allow the tyrants in Richmond to strip away their rights. For instance, we have this from US News:

Thousands of gun-rights supporters plan to rally at Virginia’s Capitol on Monday in opposition to new gun control measures – a major event in an ongoing reckoning over state gun laws that’s been spurred by changing demographics, a deadly mass shooting and an election in which Democrats took control of the statehouse for the first time in two decades on promises to tighten gun regulations.

Just an FYI. Not one of the laws will go after actual criminals. They are designed to make criminals out of the citizens of Virginia. Apparently, Blackface Northam actually requested an increase in the prison budget in anticipation of all the gun owners he intends to throw in jail.

The rally has drawn interest from hate groups and militias across the country, Northam said at a press conference Thursday, prompting concerns from officials eager to prevent the event from devolving into violence like that seen at a deadly racist demonstration in Charlottesville in 2017.

How about reporting that the violence was started and pushed by the Left, hmmm? The trial of the man who drove through the crowd and killed a women was never actually covered. It was transferred to the Federal Courts where they convicted the driver on something. (The claim was he intentionally drove over people, but the video of his break lights coming on, nor the fact that some left wing antifa type pointed a rifle at him has been skipped over)

The Democratic governor said that law enforcement is aware of “threats of armed confrontation and assault” on the Capitol that include weaponized drones and militias storming the statehouse.

“State intelligence analysts have identified threats and violent rhetoric similar to what has been seen before other major events such as Charlottesville,” he said Thursday.

That must have been real difficult to discover, considering everyone down there, as well as around the country has been discussing it.

Lori Haas, Virginia director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, says the group is canceling its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Vigil and Day of Advocacy, an event it has organized for nearly three decades.

“We have received information that heavily armed white supremacists will be seeking to incite violence,” Haas said in a statement. “The individuals who seek to turn a day which is traditionally about citizens exercising their First Amendment rights and participating in the democratic process into a platform for political violence are trying to destroy our democracy. They refuse to accept the results of the 2019 election in Virginia – in which the people of the Commonwealth voted for stronger gun laws – and they are promoting the message that ‘the people with the guns make the rules.'”

What this communist is failing to understand, is the Democrats plans to turn Virginia into Kalifornistan East. It’s not just guns, it’s also the plans for massive hikes in taxes, protecting illegal aliens and not American citizens and lawful resident aliens, and basically tearing up both the state and United States Constitutions. She obviously, like most of her political ilk, can’t understand that a line has been reached and people are saying “ENOUGH! NO MORE!”

Michael Hammond, legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America, described reforms proposed by Democrats as a “very, very extreme crazy agenda” that would put Virginia to the left of New York and California, two dark blue states with tight gun restrictions.

“First of all, you’ve had what up until now has been at least a purple state, you’ve had an election essentially bought by Michael Bloomberg for the purpose of enacting his entire anti-gun agenda,” Hammond says.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is currently trying to buy his way into the white house. He’s already announced that no one would be allowed to carry a gun, this right after armed citizens shot a gunman who was about to commit mass murder. Bloomberg, if he were to be elected, would begin suppressing the 2nd Amendment and start confiscating guns. He’s been spending his money to buy elections, most for Democrats, who will put his plans into effect.

Fears of new restrictions aren’t unfounded.

Since the legislative session started this month, lawmakers have permanently banned firearms from the Capitol complex, and three gun bills have cleared the state Senate: a measure expanding background checks on all firearm sales, a bill limiting handgun purchases to one in a 30-day period and legislation allowing localities to ban guns in designated areas. Democrats have also proposed a so-called red flag law that allows authorities with a court order to remove guns from the possession of a person deemed to be a danger to themselves or others.

Red Flag laws violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th and a few other amendments of the Constitution. They are just starting to be challenged in court, but it has already gotten people killed and others falsely targeted with little to no recourse.

The Democrats in Richmond are both panicking and doubling down on their plans to end the 2nd Amendment. One final rumor I’ve heard, again with no actual proof, was that fencing was being set up and that every person going into the “Free Speech Zone” will have to go through a metal detector. We will find out the truth of all this on Monday.

The worst possible scenario would be police going after people who ignore the no guns order and a firefight starting. Without question, many citizens would be killed and wounded. What would happen next would be a flat out bloodbath. Tens of thousands of people would break out their guns and move on Richmond. Police who backed the governor, would be wiped out, and then the state government basically overthrown.

It wouldn’t end there. People would have their blood up, and since Washington isn’t that far away, my guess is they would move on the city. You could also see, for lack of a better term, armed uprising start happening in other states. If the numbers of armed citizens was great enough, there is a good chance that police would just step aside.

A year ago I would have said this was probably a low order possibility. Now, thanks to the Progressives desire to crush individual freedom, end the Constitution, and for all intents and purposes, revoke the 13th Amendment, the chances of the “Boogaloo” have dramatically increased. Monday is going to be interesting to say the least.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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