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Good day all. Two years ago, Lawyer Michael Avenatti was the toast of the Deep State Uniparty. He found a porn star that had a fling with Donald Trump years ago and thought he could use her to extort more money from the President.

The Stormy Daniels Affair blew up badly in his face and ended up costing Daniels several hundred thousand dollars. Then the world caved in on Avenatti. It seems, besides playing games with the judicial system, he was also playing fast and loose with his clients and business partners money.

He finally jumped the shark when he tried to extort millions from Nike and they not only told him to pound sand, they called in the cops on him as well, and he got busted.

Next, he was called to the California state Bar to defend himself as they looked to disbar him. While the Bar was on a break and Avenatti was waiting for the hearing to reconvene, the Internal Revenue Service arrested him and dragged his crooked ass to jail. Here are the terrific details from Fox News:

Attorney Michael Avenatti was arrested by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents Tuesday evening during a break in a disciplinary hearing in Los Angeles over allegations that the high-profile lawyer scammed a client out of $840,000. The arrest occurred around 6 p.m. outside the State Bar Court, where the State Bar of California has initiated proceedings against him.

Avenatti did not return to the court when the hearing resumed. His attorneys called for a sidebar with the judge and said he would not be able to return due to circumstances related to a criminal matter in Orange County.

Oh I can see that little meeting now. “Where is Mr. Avenatti Mr. Steward?” “Umm, The IRS just arrested him and took him to jail your honor.” I’m sure the judge was only surprised at the timing, not that Avenatti was busted by the Feds.

Tuesday’s hearing centered on allegations that Avenatti misappropriated $840,000 in settlement money owed to Gregory Barela, his former client. Barela made continued inquiries about the funds to Avenatti, and the attorney allegedly kept the cash for himself. He still owes Barela $710,000 but denies any wrongdoing.

Now that is a legal “Bozo No No” for lawyers. Clients money is to be untouched other then what was agreed to beforehand. Avenatti is basically dead broke and desperate for money to maintain his life style. He probably figured he would make a big score, (Win a major case), and then pay back all the money he “Borrowed” before anyone was the wiser. That hasn’t been working out to well for him it seems.

Avenatti was supposed to travel to New York on Tuesday night for his criminal trial over his alleged plot to extort $25 million from sports apparel giant Nike.

Oh that one is going to be even better when his lawyer explains why the defendant isn’t in the courtroom. I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Avenatti, before his name is changed to “Convict”, is going to be spending some quality time in jail when his bail is revoked. If anyone is a flight risk, it’s this joker. Avenatti gives new meaning to the phrase, “What goes around, comes around.” Stick the fork in, he’s all done.


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