Utah having buyers remorse

Good day all. Former Massachusetts governor, (Failed), and former presidential candidate, (Failed), and current carpetbagging Senator, Mittens Romney (RINO-UT), may have worn out his welcome among the voters in Utah.

Last week, he decided to burnish his Never Trumper credentials and announced he was in favor of calling witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. This has led a Utah lawmaker to submit a bill to recall Mittens. Here are the details from Fox News:

Republican Utah state Rep. Tim Quinn has introduced a bill in that state’s legislature that would allow voters to recall U.S. senators – a possible swipe at Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, despite Quinn saying the bill isn’t targeted at anyone in particular. First reported by Deseret News, the bill would create a process by which a recall vote could go on the ballot after a petition by voters.

I know that’s what’s going to be the narrative,” Quinn told the Deseret News when asked if the bill was aimed at Romney, the sitting GOP senator whose current term doesn’t expire until 2025. “If it were, then it might make sense to have a sunset on it. That would not be the case.”

As to why this bill is being proposed, regardless of what State Rep. Quinn says, the reason is simple. Mittens, now that he has safely ensconced his RINO ass into the Senate, has begun showing his true colors. A lying, slimy Deep State, Globalist swamp dwelling RINO. When he was running for office, he managed to hide that from the voters, although, those of us who know him best, did try to warn them.

Romney has been under pressure from Republicans for his seeming willingness to buck President Trump, especially amid impeachment proceedings. Specifically, Romney has been open to hearing witnesses in Trump’s Senate impeachment trial at a time when most Republicans are in favor of a fast acquittal of the president.

I have no doubt at all that Mittens would vote for conviction. He hates President Trump and everything President Trump has done to Make America Great Again. Mittens, being a first class Globalist, has no problem wrecking the American economy as long as he and his friends personally profit. He did this when he worked at Bain and he is quite willing to do it again as a member of the United States Senate. He’s also pissed that President Trump won the White House where he went and threw away a good chance to take out Obama.

The proposed bar for putting a recall vote on a ballot is quite high, requiring the signatures of 25 percent of “the number of active voters in the state.” In addition, senators could not be recalled within the first year of their term, within a year of winning a recall election or within a year of the end of their term.

There is a problem with this bill. Even if it passed and the voters approved it, there is no mechanism in the United States Constitution for the states or their voters to remove a sitting senator.

An Arkansas effort to impose term limits on its representatives was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1995, with the majority opinion saying that states are not authorized to add requirements for individuals to qualify for federal office — specifically, in that case, not having served in that body for a certain amount of time. Requiring senators to avoid a recall to keep their seats might run afoul of that same principle.

Sadly, I would agree with this. It will require an amendment to the constitution of the United States to put something like this into place. There is no way the House and Senate would vote in favor of any sort of amendment that gives their serfs constituents any means to boot them out of office. Perhaps it’s time to call an Article V convention and bypass the House and Senate.

I can think of a couple of changes regarding both the House and Senate that need to be revisited. We could start with repealing the 17th Amendment which changed how Senators were selected. Originally, it was the State Legislatures that chose the senators, since their job was to represent the entire state. The early progressive movement managed to change that and we’ve been suffering ever since.

Next, Term limits for both the House and Senate. The exact details would have to be carefully considered of course, but there are to many geriatric cases who have no clue how the “Little people” actually deal with their stupid laws.

Finally, putting in a recall ability to get some of these tax fattened hyenas out would be good. I would also include judges with both Term limits and recall provisions. Again the details would have to be very carefully considered. I would also exclude the President from the recall provisions. Considering what we’ve seen with President Trump and the hatred of the by the Left, along with how much the right despised Obama, presidents could end up spending all their time dealing with recalls instead of administering the government.

No, getting rid of the dead wood in Congress would do the job. If the elected representatives refuse to actually represent their constituents, then recalling them and getting a new person in there would suffice. It would. However, just pushing a state bill into law isn’t going to cut it, especially with both the Statist judges like John Roberts and true constitutional scholars like Neil Gorsuch on the Bench.

Roberts will do whatever he can to protect the ruling class, and Justice Gorsuch will read the constitution and see that such a law isn’t permitted. (At least he will be honest about it, unlike Roberts) While this is a nice idea, it needs to be handled nationwide through the amending process.


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~The Angry Webmaster~


I wrote this prior to the conviction vote in the Senate regarding the Democrat Coup attempt impeachment of President Trump. Not surprisingly, noted Never Trumper Mittens Romney voted to convict President Trump, the only RINO to do so. I’ll have more on that when I have time to write something up.

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