Never Trumper RINO, Joe Walsh prefers socialism to Trump

Good day all. The hate for President Trump isn’t just a Progressive Liberal Democrat thing, the GOP(e) wing of the Beltway Uniparty hates him as well. The hate is just as deep and delusional as that of the Democratic CommuNazis.

One of these losers recently dropped out of the Republican primaries once he figured out he had no chance at all of winning anything. Now, Joe Walsh, a former Representative from Illinois has announced he would rather have a Communist Socialist win in 2020 rather then have 4 more years of President Trump. Here are the details from Market Watch:

One of President Trump’s few Republican challengers in the 2020 presidential race has dropped out — but not without a few parting shots.

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) ended his presidential bid on CNN Friday morning, and said he would be throwing all of his support toward the eventual Democratic candidate, as “any Democrat would be better than Trump in the White House.”

Walsh also wrote in a post on Twitter that, “I’m suspending my campaign, but our fight against the Cult of Trump is just getting started.”

Joe Walsh claims to be a conservative and alleged supporter of the Tea Party. In this he was similar to the other RINO, Justin Amashole. Like Amashole and Mittens Romney, he is a flat out liar and a fraud. He would rather destroy the country then let President Trump continue winning.

He claimed that the GOP as it stands today is “not my party,” writing on his campaign page that “It’s incumbent on us as a country — and as citizens — to reject the current direction of the Republican Party and work to elect Democrats who are closest to our values.”

Well, how interesting. This lying scumbag would rather Comrade Bernie Sanders and his mob of murderous Marxists win the election, and promptly trash the economy then re-elect President Donald J. Trump, who has a PROVEN track record of improving the economy and actually helping the little guy/gal. Walsh comes across as one of those who only cares about his personal bottom line, so he’s a conservative in the sense he wants to conserve and increase his personal wealth and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.

Walsh revealed in an op-ed for the Washington Post published late Thursday afternoon that getting booed at the Republican caucus in Iowa was the final slap in the face that convinced him to drop out. Trump won about 97% of the vote in the Republican Party’s Iowa caucuses earlier this week. Walsh and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld each claimed about 1%.

He detailed becoming increasing disillusioned by the “mis and disinformation I’d heard” in calls with potential Republican caucus-goers in the run-up to the primary, such as people believing that hundreds of miles of the new wall between the U.S. and Mexico had been built, and that Mexico was paying for the wall.

The only reason the Wall hasn’t been completed is Congress and scumsucking TransRepublicans like you and Mittens. You turned out to be just another open borders, big government globalist ready to drop your pants and bend over to the Red Chinese as long as you got your share.

And he blamed conservative media — and Fox News political commentator Sean Hannity in particular — for spreading “B.S.” He also accused right-wing journalists of denying him airtime, and said that his party had made it harder for him to run against Trump by canceling Republican primaries in South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Kansas.

Well you could have gone on all the other networks that hate President Trump. You know, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, The View. They would have been happy to let you rant and rave about President Trump. Of course, as soon as you left the set, they would have knifed you in the back.

Supporters thanked Walsh for “fighting the good fight” and standing against the current administration in the comments under his original Twitter post.

All 6 of them?

Still others snarked, “Who’s Joe Walsh?” or expressed disappointment that they would miss seeing him “booed in all 50 states.”

President Trump is despised by people like Joe Walsh for a simple reason. He is an American and proud of it. Walsh, Romney, Amashole and all the other Never Trumpers who pretended to be Republicans are globalists. They put American interests and it’s citizens second, if they consider us at all.

People like Walsh signed on to trade agreements that took care of the elites in both parties, but hurt those of us who had their jobs shipped overseas. For those jobs that remained, people like Walsh were happy to open the borders to illegal aliens, who they could pay next to nothing and abuse at will, and H1B visa holders for more technical jobs.

President Trump is the response to people like Walsh who have flat out lied to the Republican base for decades. He is doing something that neither party has ever done. He is working hard to keep his promises and to Make America Great Again. Walsh and the other TransRepublicans now see that the jig is up, and that the plebians are taking back the Republican party and sending the Elitist Phony TransRepublicans to the ash heap of history.

In 2016, when President Trump was the Republican nominee, people like Walsh, Romney, George Will and others of the Republican Establishment announced that they would rather have Felonia von Pantsuit in the White House instead of Donald Trump. It didn’t matter to them that the only reason Felonia wasn’t under arrest was the protection she received from the Obama Department of Justice. They figured they could both control her to some extent as well as continuing to line their pockets.

When Donald Trump won the election, the TransRepublicans started working with the Democratic CommuNazis to “Get Trump!”, the culmination of of this being the recent attempt to Impeach President Trump on fake charges. Since that coup attempt failed, Walsh and the others have decided that supporting a socialist/communist, with all the damage they would bring, is a better idea that four more years of President Trump.

Screw you.

TransRepublican noun:

1. A Republican who feels emotionally that they want to live, dress, etc. as a member of the Democrat Party, especially one who has a medical operation to remove the parts of the brain that control logic and common sense.

2. A person who identifies as a Republican, but is really a Democrat.


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