Cambridge University professor wants to wipe out the human race

Good day all. The Church of Global Warming and Climate change is chock full of both scam artists and fanatics. In this case, we have a fanatic who has decided the only way to “Save the planet!” is to kill 7 billion people.

This psychopath is, believe it or not, an academic at Cambridge University. (The one in England, not Harvard University in Cambridge Mass) She has written a book that states that the only way to “Save the Earth!” is to let the human race go extinct. Here are the details from Cambridgeshire Live:

A Cambridge academic has proposed a radical new way to solve climate change – letting humanity become extinct. Patricia MacCormack, a professor of continental philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University, has just released her new book The Ahuman Manifesto, which will officially be launched in Cambridge today (Wednesday, February 5).

The book argues that due to the damage done to other living creatures on Earth, we should start gradually phasing out reproduction. But rather than offering a bleak look at the future of humanity, it has generated discussion due to its joyful and optimistic tone, as it sets out a positive view for the future of Earth – without mankind.

And I wonder how she plans to stop people from having children? I’m sure she’s never had to worry about unintended pregnancy, considering that no man in his right mind would touch her. (First rule of dating. Don’t stick your dick in crazy)

Speaking to CambridgeshireLive, Professor MacCormack outlined how she came to this point of view, and how these ideas are not as provocative as they may initially sound.

I suspect she arrived at her conclusions while tripping out on her third tab of acid in 24 hours.

She said: “I arrived at this idea from a couple of directions. I was introduced to philosophy due to my interest in feminism and queer theory, so reproductive rights have long been an interest to me – this led me to learn more about animal rights, which is when I became vegan.

The basic premise of the book is that we’re in the age of the Anthropocene, humanity has caused mass problems and one of them is creating this hierarchal world where white, male, heterosexual and able-bodied people are succeeding, and people of different races, genders, sexualities and those with disabilities are struggling to get that.

Oh she is definitely three fries short of a happy meal.

The book also argues that we need to dismantle religion, and other overriding powers like the church of capitalism or the cult of self, as it makes people act upon enforced rules rather than respond thoughtfully to the situations in front of them.”

I suspect that like most Malthusians, if people won’t agree to her point of view, they will have to be forcibly educated.

The central argument in The Ahuman Manifesto can be boiled down to this: mankind is already enslaved to the point of “zombiedom” by capitalism, and because of the damage this has caused, phasing out reproduction is the only way to repair the damage done to the world.

Ok, so she is a communist, and a believer in genocide. Oh she isn’t referring to it as genocide, but that’s what she is calling for, the annihilation of the Human Race.

Additionally, humanity has to see it isn’t the single living dominant force – but first, it needs to dismantle an established hierarchy amongst itself. This argument has not received as much disagreement as you might expect.

I wonder, have you actually talked to people in the real world? I suspect that you haven’t, certainly not people in certain cultures and countries that, if you tried telling them they all need to stop having children, would probably sell you into sex slavery. Unless you’ve had yourself sterilized, (Now there’s an interesting question for this nut), she would be introduced to the joys of motherhood in about a year. Or she would be dead.

Professor MacCormack continued: “Everyone’s okay with the ideas in the book until they’re told they’d have to act on it. There is a lot of agreement that these changes might work for the world, but when it imposes on people, it becomes proactive.

Yeah, funny how people like you are just fine with forcing others to support what you want, but when it’s you and your “friends,” they start having second thoughts.

Many people are surprised it’s so joyful and it has this radical compassion, which cares for the world. It’s not about our death, so much as it’s about celebrating the tools that exist to care for a decelerating Earth.

I did look at the book on Amazon. No, I’m not linking to it, it’s a complete waste of bandwidth. Looking at the preview, I saw pretty much every SJW buzzword in existence. I’m not so much amazed that this twit has a job in academia, where I assume she is teaching this drivel to young skulls full of mush, as saddened that any university would waste a penny on her.

People with her mindset start out with “We will just all agree not to have children” to forced abortion, mandatory sterilization and eventually outright extermination. Would you care to place a wager that people like this dimbulb will decide that they can have children because, once most of the human race has been exterminated, they will be good stewards of the planet and live in harmony. Yeah, just like every other elitist totalitarian whack job in history. I fully expect her to sell maybe a few dozen of these books, and then they will be tossed into the remainder pile in short order.


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