Never Trump Republicans are actually Democrats

Good day all. Last week, New Hampshire had the First Primary in the Nation. The outcome was both expected and not expected. Comrade Bernie Sanders won the primary with Peter Buttplug coming in second and Amy Klobucher third.

Elizabeth Little Big Liar Warren came in a distant 4th and Quid Pro Joe bravely ran away to South Carolina. Quid Pro Joe’s dismal showing has pretty much ended his campaign, although much like Quid pro Joe, no one has had the nerve to pull the plug. One group that is in desperate straits are the Country Club RINO’s of the Never Trump variety. They had hitched their wagon to Quid Pro Joe, sending him money, only to see Quid Pro Joe once again crater at the polls. Here are some of the details from the New York Post:

Embittered “Never Trump” Republicans tied to former Ohio Gov. John Kasich have secretly schemed to assist Joe Biden’s campaign — because they think he’s the only Democrat who can beat the president and help them get “revenge,” The Post has learned.

Emails obtained by The Post show that two top staffers from Kasich’s failed, 2016 primary campaign and Ohio’s former GOP chairman, a Kasich ally, were among those involved in efforts to boost support for the former vice president in last week’s botched Iowa caucus and Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

The thing about the Never Trumpers is just how their level of competence has matched that of the Democratic CommuNazis. In other words, utterly and completely incompetent to even tie their own shoes. (Which is why they wear loafers)

Funding for the plan came largely from two deep-pocketed Democratic donors — former Microsoft president Jon Shirley and his wife, Kimberly — who’ve made maximum contributions to Biden and hosted a fund-raiser for him last year, records also show.

They think Biden is the only candidate who can beat Trump at the general election,” said a GOP source familiar with the strategy.

Have these morons actually watched Quid Pro Joe? He’s showing that he’s almost as inept as Felonia von Pantsuit on the campaign trail.

Documents attached to one email show the group planned to identify and target at least 5,000 Democrats “from the conservative voter base” in each of Iowa’s four congressional districts, then use that information in “suppression, persuasion and GOTV [get out the vote] efforts.”

That project failed miserably, with Biden coming in a distant fourth place last week.

Just to bring you up to date, the New York post article was written before Quid Pro Joe’s crushing defeat in the New Hampshire Primary. He did worse here then in that botched fiasco of a caucus in Iowa. Still, it is relevant to show the lengths the Deep State Uniparty RINO’s will go to “Get Trump!”

In New Hampshire, documents show, the group planned to use automated “IVR technology,” or interactive voice response polling, to identify Republicans and “previously identified” Republicans willing to cross party lines and vote for Biden in the primary.

I’m guessing they didn’t find any. I know the only robocalls I received were from Comrade Bernie. In fact, one of his campaign workers, some useless twit who’s probably never held a real job in his life, actually had the temerity to knock on the front door of the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. He asked if I would support Comrade Bernie. Actually, he started to ask that question. I said “NO! And slammed the door in his face. If I had been thinking, I would have told him to wait a moment, gotten out my MAGA hat, put it on in front of him and said “Well? What the Hell do you want?”

But the proposal by Michael Stroud, a Republican political operative from Michigan, wasn’t circulated until mid-November, weeks after the Oct. 25 deadline for New Hampshire voters to change their registration ahead of the primary.

I happen to be unenrolled, meaning I’m not a part of either party. This means that in the Primary, I can pull a ballot for either party. Once I’ve voted, I can then fill out a form at the door to the polling place and go back to my unenrolled status. In 2016, I pulled a Republican ballot and voted for Donald Trump. I have yet to be really disappointed. (Not like I’ve been with both Bushes, McSlime, Mittens Romney, and any of the other establishment Republicans since Ronald Reagan)

A senior GOP source called the group’s half-baked ideas “dumbfounding.”

“They’re not rational people,” the source said. “They want revenge. Trump beat them and they want revenge.”

Key figures in the effort include Jeff Polesovsky and Ben Kaiser — who were the national political director and deputy legislative director, respectively, for Kasich’s 2016 campaign — and former Ohio GOP chairman Matt Borges, who backed Kasich in the primary.

John Kasich was the Governor of Ohio. He was also a classic RINO. His policies were basically no different then those of the Democrat CommuNazis and just as destructive. He came in second in the New Hampshire primary, (After Donald Trump), and lost every election after that excluding Ohio, his home state.

When President Trump secured the nomination, Kasich not only refused to endorse him, he tried to generate a brokered convention to take the nomination from President Trump. Matt Borges actively worked against Candidate Trump, and President Trump fired him.

Defenders PAC received $75,000 — virtually all of its funding — from Jon and Kimberly Shirley, according to its most recent Federal Election Commission filing. The PAC’s only other contributor was Borges, who kicked in $1,000, according to FEC records.

Well, I can see this was a well funded plan…NOT! I don’t think that amount would even pay for office space and a couple of temps.

Borges told The Post that he wasn’t trying to defeat Trump, but instead wanted to ensure that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders didn’t become the Democratic nominee.

To some extent, it’s unclear how vulnerable President Trump might be and the last thing any of us want is to have a socialist president,” he said.

Pull the other finger, it has a bell on it. The facts are simple. When President Trump won the nomination in 2016, Kasich, Romney and others actively worked to prevent Donald Trump from being declared the nominee at the convention. Once that attempt failed, they actively supported Felonia von Pantsuit.

They were so desperate to stop a man they couldn’t control, they were fully prepared to turn the United States over to an utterly corrupt, incompetent criminal. The only reason Felonia isn’t in prison right now is the cover ups by the Deep State. Now they are doing it again and are just fine with Bernie Sanders, or his younger alter ego, Red Diaper baby Peter Buttplug, winning.

Borges also claimed that his group was only targeting anti-Trump Republicans who were likely to sit out the November election.

Since this was written prior to the New Hampshire primary, here is just how badly these Never Trumper morons failed. President Trump was running, for all intents and purposes, unopposed. Yes there were a pair of idiots running, one of them being the drunken former RINO governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld. I don’t recall who the other was.

President Trump, as expected, one in a landslide. What wasn’t reported much was that the Republican turnout was far larger then the Democratic CommuNazi turnout. This doesn’t bode well for either the Democratic CommuNazis, especially if Comrade Bernie wins the nomination, or the RINO Never Trumper’s.

They may have put their money on Quid Pro Joe Biden, and helped push the impeachment, but all they’ve done is insure they’re permanently out of the halls of power in the Republican Party. Now Biden is all but done, and, thanks to the impeachment fiasco, could actually end up being indicted.

If Comrade Bernie is the nominee, he will lose in a landslide and take down the Democratic CommuNazis, probably for a decade and possibly forever. If the DNC once again steals the election from Comrade Bernie, his supporters will either stay home or worse, vote for President Trump just to stick it to them.

The Never Trumpers hatred for a President who is actually accomplishing everything they promised to do, but never did is that intense. For the Never Trumper RINO elites, it was only about increasing their wealth and their globalist agenda. Now we see them for what they truly are. Useless, untrustworthy liars. They are done, just like their pick, Quid Pro Joe Biden.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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