The beer virus and Iran

Good day all. I haven’t done a lot of writing on the COVID-19 Corona virus, or as it’s being called, the Beer virus. (Corona Beer hates this virus by the way and wants the name changed) The reason I haven’t said much is that there isn’t much to say.

The “Beer” virus isn’t pleasant if you catch it, but frankly, out of 300+ million people in the United States, maybe 1000 have it. Sadly, a few people have died from it. On the other hand, the regular flu has infected millions around the world, including the United States and has killed thousand, and yet, there is no mention of it in by the Mostly Stupid Media.

Two countries that have been hard hit are China, where this originated, and Iran. The Chinese have finally gotten a handle on it and are starting to reopen their factories. Iran, not so much. Already several members of the government have succumbed to the Beer virus. As to how many people have been infected? No idea but thanks to the typical ineptitude if the mullahs running Iran, it is a significant number. Here are some details from Breitbart:

Iranian media on Friday reported the deaths of Hossein Sheikholeslam, formerly ambassador to Syria and an adviser to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, and Mohammed Haj Abolghasemi, an intelligence officer and commander in Iran’s brutal Basij paramilitary unit, a division of the designated terrorist organization known as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Sheikholeslam, 68, had a terrorist resume himself, having participated in the hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979. He was a leader of the “Muslim Student Followers of Imam’s Line,” the revolutionary group that seized the embassy, and was involved in interrogating the 52 U.S. diplomats who were taken hostage. Before that, he studied at the University of California at Berkeley.

And here is where my sympathy takes a nap. I remember the disgrace of the 444 days and Jimmah Carter’s incompetence and stupidity. As far as I’m concerned, Iran can be isolated and the zombie apocalypse and have free reign inside that hellhole of a country.

Sheikholeslam tested positive for the coronavirus only two days ago and was quickly taken to the Tehran hospital reserved for the remarkable number of Iranian officials who have contracted the disease. The speaker of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, insisted on Thursday that Sheikholeslam was recovering. Shiekholeslam was advising Larijani on international affairs at the time of his death.

And I say to his very timely death, Good bye and good riddance!

Abolghasemi, 71, worked in Iranian intelligence during the Iran-Iraq war and was reportedly infected with the coronavirus while on duty with the Basij Resistance Force, the militia Iran’s rulers employ to terrorize and kill dissident citizens. He spent several days in the hospital before dying on Tuesday. The regime did not initially admit he was a coronavirus patient, but members of his family spread the word on social media.

Here’s hoping that he managed to infect the entire group of thugs and they all die horrible deaths.

Aboghasemi was the third IRGC officer known to have been killed by the coronavirus. The others were former ground forces intelligence commander Ramezan Pourghasem and Maj. Reza Khanirad, who was stationed in Qom, epicenter of the Iranian outbreak. Iranian state media claimed all three were killed by a combination of the coronavirus and wounds they sustained during patriotic war service.

This is called a “Good start.” In fact, it looks like the Iranian leadership is being particularly hard hit.

A host of other officials have been infected and are under quarantine, including vice-president Masoumeh Ebtekar, deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi and grand ayatollah Musa Shobairi Zanjani, who is considered one of Iran’s highest religious authorities.

Ebtekar, like Sheikholeslam, was involved in the 1979 attack on the U.S. Embassy, working as an English-speaking spokeswoman for the kidnappers who became known as “Screaming Mary.” She tested positive for the coronavirus in late February.

And apparently, that evil bitch hasn’t bit the big one yet. Well, there is still hope that she will croak. As to why Iran is being hit even harder then China, the answer is simple.

The Washington Post cited disease experts who said the coronavirus could be spreading rapidly through Iranian leadership because the ruling class has close ties to the religious center of Qom, because close physical contact is common during greetings, and because a combination of arrogance and religious conviction may have led top government and religious leaders to assume they were immune to the disease.

Never underestimate the blind stupidity of the ruling class. From what I can see, it was middle managers in China that screwed the pooch, not the higher ups. (I may be mistaken of course) The lower level authorities were more concerned with protecting themselves and their little sinecures then stopping the Beer virus before it got a grip on things. Once the national leadership found out, they took action. As for those middle manager types? Oh well. Now Iran is even worse. The upper echelons knew damn well what was happening and ignored it. “Allah will protect the righteous!”

Furthermore, Iranian leaders nervous about losing their grip on power insisted on proceeding with elections in February and concealed information about the spread of the coronavirus to keep turnout higher. Turnout was embarrassingly low anyway, as Iranians disgusted with their government and its rigged theatrical elections decided not to participate. Electioneering brought Iranian officials into close contact with the infected civilians they had misinformed about the risks.

A Washington Post editorial on Tuesday warned Iran’s mismanagement of the coronavirus poses a danger to the Middle East and the entire world.

Oh please! Yes, Iran’s Bernie Sanders style healthcare system is going to cause a lot of people to die, but you also have to understand that those at risk already have some chronic health issues to begin with. Certainly smokers are at a higher risk because of the damage they’ve done to their lungs. However, to say that the entire Middle East is at risk? I assume the Compost has forgotten that Iranians are not welcomed in most countries over there. It’s a Shia/Sunni thing I think.

Among other dangers cited by the Post, officials insist on meeting in person and refuse to employ protective gear because they wish to convey the impression they are not worried about the epidemic, and they are still clearly lying about how widespread and dangerous the coronavirus outbreak in Iran has become.

Widespread, yes. Dangerous? Not really, even for Iranians. They have more to worry about from their own government then the Beer Virus. Still, the elderly Mullahs running things in Iran are in a risk of meeting Allah sooner then expected. However, I really can’t get myself worked up over it. Frankly, this looks more like a decapitation strike by the Chinese government. They may have sent people into Iran who were infected and contagious with the goal of getting a more compliant government in place. If so, they’re doing the world a favor.


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