And that’s all folks for Harvey Weinstein

Good day all. With all the panic over the Beer virus, a few little news stories went down the memory hole. One of them is the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein to 28 years in prison.

Pervy Weinstein was convicted of several crimes, but walked away, (With his walker), on two of the most serious charges. However, the three he was convicted of have pretty much insured he will die in prison. Here are the details from ABC News:

Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years on sex crime convictions in New York on Wednesday, following a landmark trial that spotlighted Hollywood power dynamics, predatory sexual violence and complex questions about the nature of consent and coercion.

That sentence includes 20 years for criminal sexual assault in the first degree, which stems from an accusation from former “Project Runway” production assistant Mimi Haley, and three years for rape in the third degree, which stems from an accusation from Jessica Mann, who is now being named by ABC News as she told the district attorney’s office after a verdict was reached she does not object to being named publicly.

A very brave woman indeed. However, considering what a dirt bag Pervy Weinstein is, I don’t see any blowback heading towards here. Hopefully, the sentences will give her some closure.

The sentences are set to run consecutively.

Ouch! For those of you who might not understand what this means, in many cases, when a convict is given multiple sentences for crimes, they run concurrently. This means that if someone is sentenced to multiple terms in prison, they all run at the same time. When someone is sentenced to consecutive terms, it means that the convict has to complete the first sentence before the next one is counted. Basically, considering Pervy’s age, this means he’s been sentenced to life in prison.

Hours after the sentences were handed down, Weinstein was rushed from Rikers Island back to Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital Center with chest pains, according to spokesman Juda Engelmayer.

He had chest pains and Rikers staff decided for safety to send him back to Bellevue now. He will be evaluated and likely will stay overnight,” Engelmayer said. “We appreciate the care and concern of the Department of Corrections office and staff.”

It sounds like Pervy is finally understanding that his days of wine, rape and donations to Felonia von Pantsuit are over and done. The big worry now is that Weinstein might have information on Felonia and others he might trade for a lighter sentence, and being “Epsteined” for it.

Weinstein was “despondent and dejected” as he prepared for sentencing after being convicted earlier this month of sexually assaulting the two women, according to his spokesman Juda Engelmayer.

Weinstein was facing a minimum of probation and a maximum of four years in prison on the rape conviction, and between five and 25 years on the criminal sexual assault conviction.

In a sentencing recommendation letter to the judge in the case, Manhattan prosecutors detailed 36 “prior bad acts” they said justified an extended prison sentence for Weinstein.

Oh nuts, I didn’t know that the prosecutors did that. It makes it sound like he was being sentenced for crimes he wasn’t even tried for, let alone convicted of. I’m not a lawyer, but that sounds like something they can appeal on, at least to get the sentences seriously reduced.

Most people, and that includes me, believe that any sentencing should only deal with the charges brought and a conviction made on, and any statements made by the victims. To bring in things that may have happened, but were not heard in court, should be discarded by the judge, and a mild sanction brought against the prosecutor. I have no problem with the time the Perverted Convict is going to serve, I just don’t want it to include things that weren’t brought up in evidence in the case.

Prosecutors did not recommend a specific sentence in the letter, but contended that it was “totally appropriate” to show through the court’s sentence “that sexual assault, even if perpetrated upon an acquaintance or in a professional setting, is a serious offense worthy of a lengthy prison sentence.”

I have no problem with that part at all. It deals with the case at hand.

Defense attorneys were seeking a minimum sentence of five years.

“As an individual with no criminal history having spent no time previously incarcerated, his health concerns, his age, and as famous as he is, a custodial sentence will no doubt prove much more difficult for Mr. Weinstein than most other inmates, which further counsels in favor of a sentence of five years’ imprisonment,” defense attorneys Damon Chernois and Donna Rotunno said in their own letter to the judge.

“With respect to deterrence, counsel will again note that Mr. Weinstein is a first-time offender.”

Technically, this is not correct. He was convicted of multiple offenses, so that would make him a multiple offender.

Attorneys for Weinstein told ABC News they plan to file their appeal of his New York convictions in July, ahead of the next session of the appellate court in September.

As I said, I’m not a lawyer, (Thank GOD!!), but other then the remarks regarding things not in the evidence heard at the time of sentencing, I don’t see a lot of wiggle room for an appeal to be successful. At best, the perverted convict might get his sentence reduced a bit, but he’s still going to spend some serious quality time with his new boyfriends in the prison showers. Then there is the convicted pervert’s problems in Los Angeles, Kalifornistan.

Weinstein is also preparing to defend himself against four felony sexual assault charges filed earlier this year by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. In that case, Weinstein is charged with attacking two women in separate incidents in February 2013 within a day of each other.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said in a statement that authorities there “has begun the process of extraditing defendant Weinstein to California to face the sexual assault charges that were filed in January.” No arraignment date has yet been set, according to the statement.

From what I’ve read, the LA district attorney’s office has been waiting for the outcome of the convicted pervert’s trial in New York. Now they have even more ammunition to fire at this sick psycho. If they get convictions out there, Harvey Weinstein is basically a dead man walking. Not that he will be murdered in prison, since officials are bound and determined NOT to have another Epstein incident, but that as soon as Pervy completes all sentences in New York, he’s going to be shipped off to Kalifornistan to complete his sentences there. Weinstein is in his late 60’s and not in great health. I do not expect the taxpayers of Kalifornistan having to worry about the convicted pervert doing time out there.


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