The Great Panicdemic of 2020: About those cuts to the CDC budget

Good day all. One of the lines of attack the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis and their Ministry of Propaganda, (Formally the Main Stream Media), have been trying to sell, is that President Trump has cut the budget of the Centers for Disease Control.

This is actually one of flat out lies told by the Bureau of Fake News. President Trump didn’t slash their budget, although there are a number of things the CDC has been doing that should be cut. It turns out, it was the Obama/Biden administration that tried to cut the CDC’s budget. Here are the details from Fox News:

The Obama administration repeatedly sought to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), yearly budget requests show — seemingly undercutting former Vice President Joe Biden’s repeated attacks on the Trump White House for its pandemic preparedness.

Numerous Democrats, including Biden, have falsely claimed that Trump slashed the CDC budget, and Biden has suggested that he would never pursue similar cuts. The Associated Press has noted that those claims “distort” the facts, with pointing out that CDC funding has actually increased under the current administration, largely because Congress insisted on maintaining funding levels for both CDC and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

While the CDC has not been covering itself in glory during the Covid-19 issue, (Apparently, flat out lying to the Administration at one point), President Trump hasn’t sought to cut their budget. This isn’;t to say that there aren’t certain items that need to be cut, since they have absolutely nothing to do with the preventing and stopping diseases. However, that is a discussion for another day.

Nevertheless, speaking to ABC News’ “This Week” on March 1, Biden claimed: “They’ve cut the funding for the CDC.” On Friday, Biden stepped up his attacks, writing on Twitter: “Donald Trump’s careless, shortsighted actions left our nation ill-prepared and now Americans are paying the price.”

In its fiscal year 2013 budget, while Biden was vice president, the Obama administration sought a total funding level of $5.9 billion from the CDC, or a $569 million cut from the 2012 budget of $6.46 billion. In fiscal year 2015, the Obama administration wanted a $414 million cut year-over-year, and again in the fiscal year 2017 budget, the Obama administration looked to eliminate $251 million in CDC funding.

Notice that these cuts were sought during Der Fubar’s second term. At that point, he flat out didn’t care what anyone thought. He was to busy playing golf and issuing orders that had no basis in the law or the constitution. We’re going to be cleaning up that disgraces mess for decades.

Some of the Obama administration’s cuts specifically took aim at the CDC’s preparedness initiatives.

Now, President Obama’s 2012 budget calls for paring some of that spending. Funding for a public health emergency preparedness program run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was cut by about $72 million below fiscal 2010 levels in the budget proposal.”The Wall Street Journal reported in 2012.

Which explains why that SCoaMF never bothered to replace all the N25 masks that were used in 2009 during the swine flu epidemic.

Those cuts would later intensify. “The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takes a hit of about $270 million in the Obama administration’s proposed fiscal year 2014 budget, including significant cuts to biodefense and emergency preparedness programs,” according to a 2013 post from the Center For Infectious Disease Research And Policy.

Then, in 2015, President Obama called for $50 million in budget cuts amid a measles outbreak – and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s claims that ObamaCare would pick up the slack were rated false by The Washington Post’s fact-checker.

Chipping away at 317 funds — even if the majority of cuts are going toward vaccine purchases — jeopardizes the immunization system in general, public-health officials and advocates say. It restricts the ability of local public health departments to prepare for and respond to outbreaks and educate providers, Chris Aldridge, senior director for infectious disease at the National Association of County and City Health Officials, told The Washington Post in 2015.

Another disaster has been Obamacare. That fiasco is responsible, among other things, in forcing the closure of a number of small hospitals that would be perfect for dealing with an actual epidemic or pandemic.

The article goes on to list all the flat out lies told By Biden and his team of villains. Even the Washington Compost, certainly no friend of President Trump, has been forced to call out Biden’s lies. Sadly, telling lies like this is pretty standard for Slow Joe, the groper Biden. He has been caught lying about things in order to make himself look good for his entire career. Now he’s starting to be called on it.

When he and President Trump debate during the campaign, look to Biden to lie again. The difference is, President Trump does not stand by and let the blows land. He will be well prepared to call Biden on every lie he tells and probably show that it was Biden who actually did something he is accusing President Trump of doing. It’s not going to work this time, and the Democrats know it.


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