The Great Panicdemic of 2020: Idiots on the march!

Good day all. Thanks to the Mostly Stupid Media taking a problem, the China Flu, and blowing it totally out of proportion, some people are doing really stupid and dangerous things, like eating aquarium cleaner thinking it will fight the China Virus, or vigilantes deciding to enforce a quarantine with guns.

In this case, the incident occurred last week in Maine. A group of inbred morons decided that a man was infected with the Kung Flu and cut trees down and used them to block his driveway. They then threatened him if he tried to leave. Here are the details from Fox News:

A group of armed vigilantes cut down a tree and dragged it across a man’s driveway in Maine to force him to quarantine in his home amid fears he could be infected with the coronavirus, officials said.

A man residing on Cripple Creek Road in Vinalhaven, an island off the coast of Maine, called authorities around 3:35 p.m. Friday to report a group of people with guns had cut down a large tree and dragged it in front of his driveway, blocking access to the main road.

The man said he left his house to check his property when he noticed the cable went out. The unidentified man said he retreated to his home and hailed the Coast Guard for help using a VHF radio after a neighbor began yelling at him to get indoors and remain quarantined.

Now, you may ask, just what brought this on? Was the resident showing any symptoms? No, these idiots decided that everyone, but themselves of course, had to be locked inside their homes just in case.

Deputies have learned that there is a general belief by some island residents that the Cripple Creek Residents are supposed to be quarantined because they came here from another state and could have COVID-19,” the Knox County Sheriff’s Office in Maine said in a Facebook post.

Whether someone is a Maine resident or not, they have the right to free movement and anyone who infringes upon that free movement is potentially violating the law,” the post said.

Not just violating the law, but, depending on certain details, those potato eating ninnies could have gotten shot. In some places, they probably would have.

The man and his two roommates have been living in Vinalhaven for about 30 days since coming from out-of-state, authorities said. Several towns in Maine have asked seasonal residents and outside visitors to self-quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Portland Press Herald reported.

As I understand it, the normal period you need to be concerned with is 14 days, give or take. If you haven’t showed any symptoms after a month, even if you had the virus, your body has probably already cleared it out. (Wonderful thing, the immune system)

If you are concerned about someone potentially being infected or not following the emergency rules or recommendations, please contact us,” the sheriff’s office continued in its post. “We want everyone to be informed about COVID-19 and the rules around it. We also want everyone to be safe and not overreact in this time of uncertainty as it could end poorly.”

The island has a population of about 1100 people. I suspect that, outside of people like the target of the vigilantes, are all related to each other. Very closely related. How closely? Well, as a person I know once said, “At night, it’s so quiet, you can hear the genes crunch.” People like these are not noted for being rocket scientists. However, they should have tried something original like asking the local police what the actual rules are. Well, at least no one was hurt…this time.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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