The Great Panicdemic of 2020: Review: Aldi supermarket

Good day all. Today I am going to review Aldi Supermarket. We had one open in our area about 6-8 months ago, and today SWMBO, (Pronounced “Swimbo), decided she wanted to check it out.

We had already stopped at another market and picked up a few things, and Aldi’s was on the way home. We drove into the parking lot, which was not that full. (Not surprising do to the Chinese Virus and the Panicdemic shut down) I expected there to be some sort of line that a lot of these moronic managers have put into place to force people to keep apart.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t. I assumed that traffic into the store was very light. I was wrong. There was an employee outside and he greeted SWMBO and myself with the following:

Hi, Due to the Covid-19 virus, we have a new policy in place to minimize the number of people in the store. We only allow one person per household in at a time.”

SWMBO didn’t understand what he said at first, (English is her second language), but I certainly did. I called to her and said “Bye! They won’t let me in.” This confused her for a minute and I explained they won’t let us both in. At first she thought about leaving with me, but she did need a few items and went in.

She came out about 10 minutes later with an armful of stuff. An armful you say? Yes, she didn’t have a bag or a box. Aldi’s, in their infinite stupidity, expected customer to bring in their own bags. Of course, this is dead opposite of what other supermarket chains are doing. They aren’t allowing people to bring in their own bags due to blind panic that they might be contaminated. While SWMBO was happy with the prices she found, she was angry at having to carry everything out in her arms.

We were talking about all this on the way home and I remarked to her that as far as I was concerned, they can go out of business, I will never go there again. I think SWMBO is also having second thoughts regarding the poor customer service experience we both had. I don’t blame the Aldi’s lackey that turned me away. He didn’t seem all that happy about it. I blame the inept, incompetent and stupid managers who dreamed up that policy. As far as I’m concerned, don’t waste your time going to Aldi’s.


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~The Angry Webmaster~