Democrats continue to panic, try to get William Barr…again

Good day all. The fallout from the Department of Justice dropping the charges against General Michael Flynn continues. As we’ve learned, the Deep State, using the Obama DoJ and FBI, basically set out to frame General Flynn and almost succeeded. However, his new lawyer, Sydney Powell found not just a smoking gun, but a smoking artillery battery.

Because of the overwhelming evidence of malfeasance and civil rights violations, Attorney General William Barr ordered the charges dropped. This is not sitting well with the Democratic CommuNazis and they are once again trying to get Bill Barr. Here are some of the details from Red State by Nick Arama:

Democrats are just losing their minds, both with the DOJ dropping of the charges against Gen. Michael Flynn, and with all the new information and documents coming out showing both Obama officials who lied about Russia collusion and the involvement of Barack Obama in the Flynn case.

On top of that, Barr made it very clear, again, that U.S. Attorney John Durham was looking at the actions in the Flynn case and the “whole pattern of conduct” behind the Russia collusion investigation.

Pattern of conduct? Is that a nice way of saying “Plotting a coup to overthrow the President of the United States?” John Durham has been very quietly, and I assume competently investigating this whole mess, and since there have been no leaks from his investigation, the Democratic CommuNazis are squirming like the worms they are. This is causing them to start panicking.

House Judiciary Committee Democrats are now trying to take out Attorney General Bill Barr with a letter to the Inspector General, claiming that the DOJ’s decision to drop the case against Flynn is somehow improper or political.

Yeah, I don’t think so. What Bill Barr, John Durham and others have been doing is unraveling the cover-ups that occurred under Obama, along with the apparent conspiracy to get Donald Trump by whatever means necessary.

Talk about partisanship — they are literally targeting an AG because they don’t like his investigation and they’re afraid it’s getting too close to their guys. They are guilty of the very things of which they accuse others. They accuse Barr of improper political interference as they indeed try to improperly politically interfere.

This travesty won’t get very far. The IG’s are becoming a bit gun shy after being used to help create the bogus charges used in the last attempt to overthrow President Trump, the attempted impeachment by the Democratic CommuNazis on the charge of not being Felonia von Pantsuit. There is also the problem of what happens if/when John Durham brings indictments against Comey, Brennan, Clapper and others.

No, The Democratic CommuNazis are in full panic and justifiably so. The odds are that President Trump will win reelection, and that the Democrats will not only lose the house, but may be slaughtered even worse then in 2010. If/When they lose the house, the Republicans are not going to be very forgiving this time around. The Democrats will have only themselves to blame.


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