The Great Panicdemic of 2020: Denver orders the post office to close

Good day all. Once again, using the Wuhan Flu as an excuse, we are seeing the great heights of stupidity that some local governments will go to in their quest for absolute power. In this case, we have the moonbats in Denver. The have issued an order to the Post Office to close down.

The post office in Denver had 5 people test positive for the China Virus. There is no information on whether or not anyone there was ill or if they were asymptomatic. (Which, apparently, a minimum of 30% of those who test positive are) Normally, those workers would go home and if they get sick, receive treatments as appropriate. However, Denver decided that it was going to shut the post office down. Here are the details from 9 News:

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) has ordered the closure of a mail facility that handles all mail for Colorado and Wyoming.

The public health order was issued on Thursday to the United States Postal Service (USPS) Processing and Distributing Center at 7550 E. 53rd Place in Denver, following an investigation the day prior.The state of Colorado has confirmed five employees have tested positive for COVID-19 at the facility that employs 1,800.

Well, I can see that everyone there should be tested, and as a precaution, perhaps that everyone should be given hydroxychloroquine as a preventative. (With a little zinc and some vitamin D) However, that isn’t what the moonbats running Denver want to do.

DDPHE issued the closure order even though investigators were unable to see inside the distribution facility. The order states:

“Minimal observations were made during the site visit conducted 5/20/2020 at 12:30 p.m. due to the refusal of information and access to the facility. The area the investigators were able to make observations from was a small public-facing space in comparison to the entire distribution warehouse buildings. In the general public post station with three employees assisting customers with proper face coverings and plastic curtains separating each employee check-out station.”

So the city health inspectors were not permitted into the main mail sorting areas. Did they actually think they would be? The United States Postal Service building is 100% federal property and, regardless of any other issues we may have with them, they take protecting and delivering the mail very seriously. Interfering with the delivery of the mail is a federal offense. If there is an issue with public health, then you contact the postmaster and work with him/her to deal with the problem.

“The challenge that we’re facing right now is we don’t have a great connection with local contacts for USPS, and so we’re not able to collect all the information that we need, and so in a situation like that we would temporarily close the facility until we are able to get all the information and implement controls that we need to,” said Danica Lee, Director of Public Health Inspections with DDPHE.

Yeah, good luck with that. You step one foot into the facility without permission and you will be the guest of the Federal Government for a few years. Of course. There is a reason Progressives are generally referred to as “Delusional Moonbats.” They truly believe that they are smarter then everyone else and that all should bow before them, no mater who it may be.

“In terms of how disease needs to be controlled in a facility, it doesn’t matter if it’s a federal facility or a local business, we need to get the same type of information and implement the same types of controls to keep employees and the public safe,” said Lee.

Barking Moonbat

“Unless we’re working with the facility management to help us identify additional cases, we’re not able to get a really good set of information about how many cases there are in that facility,” said Lee.

First, I did a little research into Danica Lee. In a surprise to no one, she has never worked in the “Dreaded Private Sector.” I will acknowledge that her education actually has some relevance to her position. She has a B.A. in Biology. Oh, she also speaks French. What she doesn’t appear to have is a solid grasp of reality or an understanding of how the United States works. Her authority ends at the property line of the postal facility.

Speaking of the facility, this is not a small local post office. It’s a full blown regional sorting and distribution center. It handles the mail for at least 2 states. Shutting it down is not an option.

According to a spokesman with USPS, the Denver distribution center handles 10 million pieces of mail per day for 6.3 million people in Colorado and Wyoming, making it the postal service’s fourth-largest distribution site in the country.

Danica the Dimbulb issued a series of requirements to the facility and told them they can not reopen until all the requirements are met. I recommend reading the article for the demands Danica the Dimbulb issued. The response from the USPS was fairly straightforward.

USPS spokesperson David Rupert tells 9NEWS that they have been in conversations with the city in hopes of reaching a resolution, but he feels certain the city will not shut down the distribution center.

“This is a federal facility. It’s protected by federal law enforcement officers,” he said. “It will not be shut down.”

There has been some back and forth between the DDPHE and the USPS. It culminated with the Danica the Dimbulb ordering the facility to close on May 14th.

On May 14, DDPHE issued a closure order for the USPS location at 3800 Buchtel Blvd. The health department investigator found a “lack of implemented control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the facility.

Needless to say, the Post Office took this order and circular filed it. The facility remains open and continues to process mail. As of this posting, I have no further information on whether or not Danica the Dimbulb is planning to force her way into the building, or initiate some sort of blockade to keep people and deliveries out. I sort of hope she does do something that stupid.

If she does, the City of Denver can expect a visit from several hundred or more federal agents all serving warrants on the people involved, starting with Danica Lee. We all have our issues with the Post Office. Complaining about the mail is almost a national pastime. However, there is one thing we can generally agree on, and that is the United States Postal Service takes their job to protect and deliver the mail very seriously.

One of my favorite end of the world novels is a book by Larry Nivan and Jerry Pournelle called Lucifer’s Hammer. It’s the story of the Earth being hit by a comet. One of the sub-plots was a mailman in a rural area who doesn’t know that the Earth was hit, and continues on with his route delivering the mail. Even when he learns what happens, he continues his roll as the Mailman and becomes a central figure in rebuilding civilization.


It will take more then some jumped up local bureaucrat with delusions of importance to shut down the United States Mail. I expect someone is explaining to her and the others involved in this misguided plan that they will be prosecuted and convicted if the continue on this course. I hope Danica the Dimbulb does continue. We need a few examples made of certain local officials.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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