Democrats unhappy that Trump is appointing honest judges

Good day all. Since he took office, President Trump has been filling every vacancy in the federal courts with judges who are actually scholars of the Constitution. This has driven the Progressive Liberal Democratic Deep Staters into a blind panic.

It’s been a long time since we had so many judges appointed who actually understand that the Constitution is meant to limit the power of the government, not the citizens. All you have to do is look at any Obama judge, most Clinton judges, and sadly, not a few Bush judges to see how badly things have gone for our Constitutional Republic. President Trump has managed to change this trend and now the Democratic CommuNazi Party is in full panic mode. Here are the details from Fox News:

Senate Democrats released a 50-plus page report Wednesday sounding alarm bells over the rate at which Senate Republicans and President Trump have confirmed federal judges during the president’s first term as Republicans are working on shepherding along even more lifetime-appointed federal judges.

The account calls GOP-appointed judges “politicians in robes,” rails against the Chief Justice John Roberts’ Supreme Court, slams the conservative and libertarian lawyers’ group the Federalist Society and says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is “betraying the vision of our founders.”

Once again, the Progressives are projecting what they actually do on to others. The simple fact is, the Democrat judges have been working since at least Franklin Delano Roosevelt to suppress the constitutional rights of individual Americans, and giving increasing power to the state. When people get fed up and change politicians, or when possible, repeal laws by referendum, the Progressive Deep State Elites have been able to use their pet judges to thwart the people. Now we have judges who are reversing almost a century’s worth of damage and the Democratic CommuNazis are furious.

The report was widely promoted by high-profile Senate Democrats on Wednesday, including Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., and several others, as Democrats grapple with the breakneck clip of Trump’s and McConnell’s judicial confirmation efforts.

“Instead of passing legislation to help the American people, Mitch McConnell has chosen to bury those bills in his legislative graveyard,” the report’s executive summary reads. “This report looks behind the curtain of the GOP’s long campaign of judicial capture, into the fundamental threat it poses to the rule of law and American democracy.”

Not one of those people gives a damn about the Rule of Law or the Constitution. The very fact that they have been working hand in glove with corrupt federal agents to overthrow President Trump shows just how little they care about the Rule of Law and the Constitution they swore to uphold.

Beyond Republicans’ apparent “judicial capture,” the report also foreshadows future Democratic efforts to “shed light on the corruption and conflicts of interest now spreading around the Trump judiciary” and pans what it says was more than $250 million in dark money raised and spent by “a complex network of think tanks, law school centers, policy front groups, political campaign arms, and public relations shops, all focused on shaping the composition of the courts and the rulings they make.”

Do these idiots have any capacity to learn? Every single time they have gone after people with all these accusations, it’s blown up in their faces, and shown America that it wasn’t the Republicans who were doing all this, but the Democrats.

The report was also amplified by Demand Justice, a liberal group tied to former Obama staffers that fights against Trump’s judicial nominees and advocates for progressive priorities in federal courts.

I wonder, how many of these former Obama staffers are in the gun sights of United States Attorney John Durham?

Of course, the dark money accusations cut both ways — Demand Justice is a dark money group just the same as the network of conservative organizations the Democrats’ report decries.

“This shows the height of hypocrisy when at this time the largest outside dark money machine is on the left and these senators appear to be turning a blind eye to that,” Adam Laxalt, the former Republican Attorney General of Nevada, told Fox News. “And Arabella Advisors, founded by Eric Kessler, is at the center of a dark money organization that funds groups across the entire liberal spectrum. It was reported in Politico that just in 2018 this Arabella Advisors dark money web put $140 million into the 2018 cycle, which included funding of the Demand Justice group that spent money and attacked the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh.”

As I’ve said, Progressives always project what they actually do onto others.

One of the points made in the report about how McConnell is “betraying the vision of our founders” – specifically how “bipartisan cooperation around judicial confirmations was once the prevailing norm” – is how the Senate has recently done away with the practice of “blue slips.” Blue slips are the term for the practice of getting approval of a judge’s home-state senators regardless of party before moving forward with a nomination.

Once again, we see how Progressives and Liberals get history wrong. There couldn’t have been “Bipartisan approval” when the constitution was ratified. Why? Because there were no political parties.

“For over a century, the Senate ‘blue slip’ process ensured that senators had a meaningful chance to provide input on nominations to judicial vacancies in their home states,” the report reads. “This informal veto power over home-state nominees forced compromise and moderation when the president and home-state senators belonged to opposing political parties.”

Here we go again. The “Blue Slip process” was never part of the constitution. It was a courtesy created back in the days when it took weeks or months to get messages back and forth from Washington to the states. The idea was that the senators, who back then were not elected by popular vote, would have more information on the prospective judges nominated from their states. Today, with instant communications and information on prospective judges, the blue slip has been used for the sole purpose of blocking candidates that a party didn’t like. It deserved to be tossed onto the trash heap of history.

It added: “Thanks to Mitch McConnell, today all of this bipartisanship and moderation is a thing of the past… Republicans – from their unprecedented stonewalling of Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, to their destruction of the Supreme Court filibuster, to their abandonment of the circuit court blue slip – have spent the last four years engaged in a scorched-earth judicial power grab.”

On the blue slips, Carrie Severino, the president of the conservative Judicial Crisis Network, blamed Democrats for the practice’s demise.

“Senators [Charles] Grassley, [R-Iowa], and [Lindsey] Graham [R-S.C.], have been absolutely right to proceed with hearings for highly qualified nominees where the White House attempted to consult with home-state senators who have been nothing but obstructionist,” she said.

The collapse of all the precedents, of questionable constitutionality, can be laid right at the doorstep of the Democrat Party and Dingy Harry Reid. They were the ones who, when the Republicans started blocking the Obama nominees after it became clear just how corrupt they were, (Not corrupt in a monitory sense, but in their corruption of the courts for power being handed to the Deep State). Dingy Harry, in a classic case of arrogance, never thought for a moment that the Democrats would lose control of the Senate or put a president into office who actually wasn’t a part of the Deep State Uniparty. Oops!

At this point in his first term, Trump and the Republican Senate have confirmed more than 190 judges to federal Article III courts overall – second only to Jimmy Carter – and 51 judges to the U.S. Courts of Appeals — one more than Carter and 16 more than the next-most successful president, George H.W. Bush.

What terrifies the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis is that President Trump will win reelection and maintain control of the senate, if not expand it, for the Republican party. There is a very good chance that he will be replacing at least one more member of the Supreme Court when Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, another judge who holds the constitution in contempt, (And has stated she would prefer to have the South African constitution instead of ours), either finally steps down or flat out croaks.

When that happens, President Trump will appoint another true constitutional scholar to the court and blow the Democrats plans to use judicial tyrants to subvert the Constitution and suppress the rights of the people. Even better, it will neuter that wast of oxygen, Chief Justice John Roberts.

He’s shown that he is a member in good standing of the Washington D.C. Uniparty, most recently ruling in favor of Kalifornistan’s suppression of the 1st Amendment freedom of religion. Perhaps, by 2022, we will have enough Senators to force these Obama Judges and other progressive black robed tyrants to step down. If they refuse? Impeach and convict them. One can hope.


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