The 2020 riots

Good day all. I haven’t had a chance to comment on the George Floyd matter, the protests towards the officer who caused his death, and the riots and looting that came about. Honestly, I was to busy during the week and didn’t have time. I’m rectifying that situation.

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First, the death of George Floyd. We’ve all seen the video or pictures of an idiot with a badge who, after Floyd had been taken into custody and was cuffed, continued kneeling on his neck for a good 9 minutes. Two separate autopsies, one by the state of Minnesota and one by the family both came to the same basic conclusion. Floyd’s death was a homicide. The two reports argued over details, but the officer was arrested and charged.

Next came the protests against the Minneapolis Police. They started out peaceful and it was across the board in it’s support. Everyone agreed that what happened was wrong. There was no argument. Then the riots started along with the looting. This is where things basically blew up.

It’s becoming apparent that the people protesting and the rioters were two separate groups. Information has been coming out that it was the fascist group known as ANTIFA that was instigating the riots and looting, not just in Minneapolis, but around the country . Instead of shutting down the criminal actions of the rioters and looters, the police were hamstrung by the local governments. Citizens were left on their own.

What happened next wasn’t a surprise to anyone who had 2 functioning brain cells. (Which leaves out all progressives and liberals) Citizens, business owners and others began arming themselves. Several looters have been killed by business owners, along with a few innocent people by the Antifa run mobs. (Including a retired police captain who happened to be of recent African descent)

The Democrat Party has, along with their propaganda wing, (The Main Stream Media), been actively backing the Antifa groups right up until they turned on their “benefactors.” Then it was discovered that Antifa had been planning for these riots for some time. The George Floyd death was just what they needed to get things going. People not affiliated with the criminals found piles of bricks and rocks prepositioned in areas where “Spontaneous” riots broke out. President Trump finally had enough and is designating Antifa as a domestic terrorist group.

Thanks to the Great Panicdemic of 2020, people started buying large supplies of guns and ammunition, thinking that the Zombie Apocalypse was upon us. When the Zombies actually made an appearance, it turned out they were more interested in burning, pillaging and looting then eating brains. Gun and ammunition sales have gone through the roof again and supplies are tight, although not as bad as the last time gun sales took off under The Great Mistake, Barack Obama.

There is a video out there of a former Marine who was acting as a security guard for a camera crew. The video shows a punk from Antifa going through an abandoned police care, (We need to discuss how careless police are with their equipment), and came out with an AR-15. Apparently the punk fired several round into the car.

This is where we see the Marine, sidearm drawn, charging the punk, yelling at him to “Put the weapon down!” The punk developed a serious case of “Deer in the headlights” syndrome and didn’t resist when the Marine took the weapon from him, dropped the magazine from it, worked the action to clear the chamber and then pulled the bolt carrier out, disabling the rifle. He later called 911 and turned that rifle and another one he had recovered into the police.

This should give pause to the Antifa thugs who have been screaming out “We’re going into the suburbs next and we’re going to get you!!” The people in the suburbs and more rural areas will not tolerate these looters and rioters coming in to destroy their homes and neighborhoods. There has already been once incident where a planned assault was cut short. A militia group formed up and flat out said that, while protesters were fine, looters and rioters were not welcome. If they came in, they would be shot.

Where I live, the only protests we’ve had were against our local city government deciding to mandate the wearing of masks. If there have been protests regarding what happened to George Floyd, I haven’t seen them. (That doesn’t mean they didn’t happen) However, there have been no looters, rioters or arsonists in this city. Why? We won’t put up with it. At least 50% of the population is armed, with a large percentage being former military. While there have been some problems in Boston, it is unlikely they will come into New Hampshire. Again you ask, why?

As a police officer once told me a long time ago, New Hampshire generally has a low crime rate for a simple reason. Criminals don’t want to get shot. The looters are the same way. They might want to loot the Pheasant Lane Mall, but they would be met by Police first and armed citizens next. The police would arrest them, the citizens would just flat out bury them.

Feel free to protest what happened to George Floyd. That is your right, and frankly I agree with you. The Minneapolis Police need some serious restructuring and retraining. They also need to purge the bad apples and stop protecting them. However, if you come up her to pillage, loot and burn, just understand it won’t end well for you.


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~The Angry Webmaster~


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