The Riots of 2020: Need to burn something? Call these lawyers

Good day all. The rioting, looting and arson of the last week has brought out a wide range of morons, including a few who literally know better. By this I mean a pair of lawyers who were caught with Molotov cocktails in in hand.

The two ivy league members of the stupidity class thought it would be a splendid idea to make and hand out fire bombs in Brooklyn NY. They got caught of course. Here are the details from Fox News:

The two attorneys busted for throwing a Molotov cocktail through a police car window during protests in Brooklyn early Saturday were trying to pass out the incendiary devices to demonstrators in the crowd, federal authorities said Monday.

Brooklyn community board member Colinford Mattis, 32, and his alleged accomplice, 31-year-old Urooj Rahman, were driving around in a tan minivan near a clash between police and demonstrators at the 88th Precinct stationhouse in Fort Greene, federal prosecutors for the Eastern District of New York said in a detention memo Monday.

I’m sure they were just going about their lawyerly business looking for potential clients.

A bystander snapped a photo of the pair in the car while they were allegedly trying to pass out the homemade explosive devices, according to the memo.

Or not.

Rahman attempted to distribute Molotov cocktails to the witness and others so that those individuals could likewise use the incendiary devices in furtherance of more destruction and violence,” the witness later told authorities.

Somehow, I doubt the word “Furtherance” was used by the witnesses. It was probably the cop who took the report, or some editorial work by Fox News. I do find it interesting that these college graduates and members of the Bar thought that no one would turn them in. As to arresting these two, it didn’t require a lot of police work or a high speed chase through the boroughs of New York City.

The two were busted by cops after Mattis, who was in the driver’s seat, pulled the van over near the precinct, and Rahman allegedly got out and tossed a lit Molotov cocktail into a cop car.

Images from the detention memo purport to show a masked Rahman clutching a Molotov cocktail made from a Bud Light bottle. Several cops saw the caper and cornered the pair nearby, according to the memo.

Frankly, they should have just shot these two and spare us the costs of trials and incarceration. As it is, they are looking at 20 years in prison, and they should serve every day of it. The question of will they is another matter. One of the dynamic dimwits was bailed out by an Obama minion. Here are a few details on that from the Washington Free Beacon:

A former Obama administration intelligence official who worked in both the Departments of State and Defense has guaranteed bail for a human rights lawyer accused of firebombing a police vehicle in New York City.

The former official, Salmah Rizvi, told a judge the alleged firebomber is her “best friend.” Rizvi, now an attorney at the D.C.-based law firm Ropes & Gray, helped secure the release of fellow lawyer Urooj Rahman by agreeing to be a suretor for her bail. That means Rizvi is liable for the full cost of the $250,000 bail if Rahman fails to obey the court’s orders.

Rahman was forced to surrender her passport and had a GPS monitor put on her ankle. However, I don’t think the Obama minion really has to worry to much about Rahman jumping bail. Both she and Mattis had their bail revoked by the same judge who granted it in the first place. According to the New York Daily News:

Princeton grad Colinford Mattis, 32, and his alleged accomplice and fellow lawyer Urooj Rahman, 31, lost their home detention status late Friday when three federal judges ordered them returned to official custody pending a further review of the feds push to get their bail revoked for good.

Mattis and Rahman were initially granted permission to stay in their respective homes after posting $250,000 bail, and an initial attempt by federal prosecutors to get that decision overturned failed.

Well, if at first you don’t succeed, appeal, appeal appeal again!

Prosecutors appealed again and Friday, (June 12th), the federal panel decided to send Mattis and Rahman back into lock up to wait until a final ruling is reached.

These two are finished and are going to spend quite a few years in a federal prison. Their only hope is that Biden gets elected and before he’s removed under the 25th Amendment, someone slips him a couple of pardon forms. Yeah, not much chance of that. Enjoy the House of Many doors Moonbats.


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