MSDNC hires unindicted co-conspirator

Good day all. Lisa Page was once a lawyer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She was also knocking knees with Peter Strzok, who wasn’t her husband, and her texts message to him are major evidence of the coup attempt against President Trump.

Because of her activities, she was removed from the Mueller Inquisition, and later resigned from the FBI. (More then likely, was invited to seek other opportunities elsewhere) Since then she has been trying to avoid getting arrested. Now, she has a new gig. She has been by MSDNC, (Formally MSNBC), as a “Legal” Analyst. Here are the details from Fox News:

MSNBC announced on Friday, (June 5th), that it has hired former FBI lawyer Lisa Page as an NBC News and MSNBC national security and legal analyst.

On Friday night, President Trump blasted MSNBC’s latest hiring decision.

“You must be kidding??? This is a total disgrace!” Trump tweeted.

It seems that MSDNC is hiring a number of coup plotters including Andrew Weissmann, who was actually running the Mueller Inquisition, using Robert Mueller as his patsy. (Weissmann was with Mueller during the hearings where Mueller had no clue what was in the actual report that bears his name)

Page made her debut as an MSNBC analyst during “Deadline: White House” alongside former Mueller probe prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, who appears to have been rehired by the network after they severed ties after it was announced he was hosting a Biden fundraiser, which was ultimately canceled.

Weissmann and Page offered what passes as legal analysis regarding President Trump and the Mayor of Washington D.C. some corrupt Democrat named Bowser. Bowser, rather then do her job, sided with the rioters and ordered the National Guard out of Washington. She also refused to send the police to back up the Secret Service when rioters were threatening the White House, which ended up with some 50 agents being injured. (Fortunately for the rioters and Mayor Bowser, they never tried storming the grounds. If they had, the Secret Service and Marines would have opened fire with live ammunition)

I didn’t see her debut, since I had better things to do then watch MSDNC. (Having a root canal without Novicaine comes would be a far more pleasent experience) What comes to mind is just how many of these conspirators are ending up on places like CNN and MSDNC who have either been arrested and jailed, (Michael Avenatti), or are looking at being indicted when John Durham completes his investigations.

Lisa Page is probably looking over her shoulder and is desperately trying to figure out a way to stay out of jail. I have no idea if she is going to be indicted, but if she is, I hope they send in officers to arrest her live, on air during one of her “legal analysis.” The repeats would be ratings winners for sure. Of course, the utter humiliation of the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis would also be fun to watch.


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~The Angry Webmaster~


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