Armed Citizens stop thugs from tearing down a statue. Liberals aghast!

Good day all. The recent Antifa/BLM terrorist inspired riots have moved on to a new project, tearing down statues. Anyone they deem “Politically incorrect”, which in their pea sized Communist brains is everything, that has been immortalized has to be torn down.

Barking Moonbat

This has led to statues of Confederate generals and soldiers being defaced and destroyed. They’ve also started moving on to the founders of the United States, and their most hated enemy, Christopher Columbus. However, in Philadelphia, the vandals ran into another group that said “Oh HELL NO!” and showed up with guns to protect the statue. This did not go over to well with the Democratic CommuNazis running the City. Here are the details from The Blaze:

Armed South Philly residents guard Columbus statue from vandalism — and leftist mayor, district attorney call them vigilantes, ‘criminal bullies’

You might recall about 100 residents of the city’s Fishtown neighborhood patrolled their streets with baseball bats, hammers, and shovels as nationwide George Floyd rioting hit a fever pitch earlier this month.

Well, another 100 or so in south Philadelphia — a legendary Italian-American stronghold that’s home to “Rocky” lore and arguably the best cheesesteaks around — took it upon themselves to guard the Christopher Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza from potential vandalism over the weekend.

And some of them used bats, golf clubs, sticks — and guns — to convince those who might hold opposite opinions to stay away, PhillyVoice reported.

Funny thing about the Antifa/BLM mobs. When true Americans stand up to them, they usually break and run away like the cowardly yellow bellies that they are.

As TheBlaze has been reporting, protesters last week beheaded, toppled, and vandalized statues and monuments across America in their fury over racism and Floyd’s death — but Philly leftists didn’t exactly get high marks after they ignorantly vandalized the statue of abolitionist Matthias Baldwin outside City Hall, spray-painting “murderer” and “colonizer” on its pedestal.

The good and decent citizens of south Philly decided enough was enough.

“We refuse to let our statue be taken by looters,” one resident told WTXF-TV. “If they wanna take the statue, which we are against, do it the right way.”

Another man added to the station that protesters “break stuff” and “loot” and “destroy, and then people give you what you want — that’s terrorism. This is not what America’s supposed to be about. We’re not supposed to give in to terror.”

Sadly, the Mayor and the District Attorney, both Barking Moonbats of the Democratic CommuNazi persuasion announced that they were not in favor of people actually doing the jobs that the Mayor and District Attorney wouldn’t do.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney indirectly referred to the behavior of those guarding the statue as “vigilantism,” and District Attorney Larry Krasner called them “criminal bullies.”

Well, we know which side this scumbag supports, and it isn’t the side of civilization. As for the District Attorney? Here’s what that slimy toad licking sleazeball sent out on Twitter.

Hey, bat-wielders:

Saying you are “defending” something doesn’t prove you really are.

And using a bat–or anything else–for an illegal purpose (such as assaulting or threatening or harassing people) is a criminal act.

Hey numbskull, how about actually going after the terrorists and vandals who are doing all the damage, and making sure the police are there to stop them? You do understand that the only reason these good citizens showed up was due to you and that worthless pile of left wing bat guano masquerading as the mayor aren’t doing your jobs.

If you had been and the vandals were met by police who were ready to arrest, and a district attorney who was actually going to throw some of these trust fund fools into the slammer, the citizens wouldn’t have felt the need to show up. But then, you and Mayor Moron actually support the goals of Antifa and the their friends.

Presumably because they caught wind of south Philly folk guarding the statue, leftists descended upon the area Sunday, and the two groups squared off, WTXF reported.

And now the police showed up.

Police reportedly arrested at least two people for disorderly conduct, the station said, adding that one counterprotester was detained for ripping down a flag and second for moving a police barricade.

I suspect the police actually supported the citizens and talked with them. They also knew that if the counterprotestors terrorists went after the citizens guarding the statue, they would learn very quickly that their civil rights, and probably their lives mean nothing to the defenders. Basically, the police where there to keep the “counterprotestors” from getting killed.

These riots and assaults are generally happening in the deepest of blue cities and states. They aren’t happening in the so called “Red” states such as Texas, where a possible threat to the Alamo was stopped cold by the state officials flat out telling would be wreckers that they would be lucky to see the inside of a jail. (There is a reason for the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas”)

We’re also beginning to see responses from regular people who have had enough of Antifa and weak kneed Liberal politicians who, if not actively supporting them, won’t do anything to stop their reign of terror. Eventually, if things continue on the way they have been, there will be a reaction and it will be very bad. Do you think the thugs understand this possibility? What do you think?


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