Trump: Focus on skills, not college degrees

Good day all. There are many reasons why I have supported President Trump since I attended a campaign rally in 2016. He actually knows how the world works, and understands that knowledge is power.

For decades, it’s always been seen that a college degree would lead people to a better life, and for most of our history, that was true. However, in the last 15-20 years, most college degrees have turned out to be worthless. They don’t provide the person with actual skills they will need to compete in today’s world, and in many cases, are nothing more then a waste of 4 years and ten’s of thousands of dollars.

Many people, especially those in in the Information Technology world, don’t have college degrees. They took classes and worked their way up, learning the new technologies. However, far to many hiring managers look at a resume and if they don’t see a B.A. or better, toss the resume into the bit bucket. It didn’t matter to them if the person in question was a perfect fit. No degree, they were worthless.

This has led to many companies hiring people who did have degrees, but either no experience, or worse, not enough common sense to pour piss out of a boot. This has affected me personally. I never went to college, but I took classes and learned my craft. I have decades of experience, and more importantly, a willingness, Hell, a desire to learn new things in my field. However, on more then one occasion, I was told that since I didn’t have a degree, I was not competent. I know of at least one case where the job I applied to was given to an H1B visa holder. (For less money then I asked for)

Well, it seems that President Trump agrees with me. He is in the process of issuing a new directive that when possible, hiring managers should consider the skills a person has, not whether or not they have a college degree. Here are the details from Associated Press:

President Donald Trump is preparing to direct the federal government to overhaul its hiring to prioritize a job applicant’s skills over a college degree, administration and industry officials say. rump is set to sign an executive order Friday, (June 25th), outlining a new direction for the nation’s largest employer during a meeting of the board that advises the administration on worker policy.

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and adviser, is co-chair of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board and has worked on improving job training to meet employers’ changing needs.

We are modernizing federal hiring to find candidates with the relevant competencies and knowledge, rather than simply recruiting based on degree requirements,” she told The Associated Press in a statement. “We encourage employers everywhere to take a look at their hiring practices and think critically about how initiatives like these can help diversify and strengthen their workforce.”

It may also put actual, competent people into many of these bureaucracies who are more interested in getting things done then build their little fiefdoms.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the board’s other co-chair, said the need for skills training and apprenticeships is as great as it was before the coronavirus pandemic forced millions of people out of work, pushing the national unemployment rate above 13% in May.

Americans are eager to get to work but they need our help,” Ross told AP.

First, the lockdown pushed on the American people by a bunch of worthless governors on both sides of the aisle will go down as the worst mistake of the 21st century. Second, this country is in serious need of plumbers, electricians, mechanics and others who work with their hands as well as their brains. A good plumber with no college degree can earn more then many lawyers. We need to put a stake into this notion that no degree means you can’t get ahead.

The White House isn’t eliminating degree requirements altogether but instead will stress skills in jobs where having a degree is less important.

Aides say the change will create more opportunities for Americans to work for the federal government by recognizing that some learning happens outside of classrooms.

Frankly, the less people who work for the federal government, the better. In fact, I think we can close down dozens of agencies and lay off hundreds of thousands of paper shufflers.

IBM is among the companies that have moved in this direction. Last year, 15% of its new U.S. hires had nontraditional backgrounds because they were evaluated based on skills instead of looking only at their degrees, Ginni Rometty, the company’s executive chairman, said via the White House.

We hired from new areas of the country, including under-served communities, and this promoted more diversity in the applications we received,” said Rometty, who is expected to participate in Friday’s meeting.

Diversity, there’s a dirty word. How about hiring the best people possible? If they know there stuff, and can do the job, hire them. I don’t care if it’s an MIT grad, (And I’m not all that impressed with MIT these days), or some kid from Harlem who has a GED but can program circles around someone with a STEM degree from MIT who can’t code his way out of a wet paper bag. I think IBM has finally figured out that they were losing a ton of talent they could have used.

It’s time to start actually training people to do jobs that we need, not tell them that unless they have a degree in Social Justice Studies, they aren’t worth anything. If colleges and universities start seeing a major decrease in enrollments, perhaps they will actually start teaching people something that makes a college degree actually worth something.


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~The Angry Webmaster~

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