Trump suspends H1B visas, companies scream bloody murder

Good day all. The H1B visa program was meant to allow a company to hire a foreign worker to handle a job that no one else could do. It was meant to be a very rare occurrence. However, companies have used the H1B program to replace American workers with cheap, imported labor.

In many cases, a company has laid off their Information Technology workers and forced them to train their cheaper foreign replacements or not get any sort of severance package. There have been a few members of congress who have tried to change all this, but most are owned by big business and the Chamber of Commerce.

Then came Donald J. Trump. President Trump has himself hired foreign guest workers, but they were only here for short duration jobs. However, he has seen the mess that the H1B program has caused, and has been looking for ways to keep those jobs in American or Lawful Resident Aliens hands. (H1B Visa holders do not have the ability to move on to better jobs. If they lose the job, they are on a plane out of the country the next day)

Now, thanks to the moronic actions of the state governors, the unemployment rate has shot up from it’s historic lows, President Trump has decided to do something about the H1B abuses. Here are the details from Business Today:

US President Donald Trump has signed an order, temporarily suspending employment-based visas. Trump administration has suspended and limited the entry into the US of H-1B, H-2B, and L visa-holders and their dependents till December 31, 2020. It also includes certain categories of J visas like an intern, trainee, teacher, camp counselor, or summer work travel programme. The new rule would apply only to those who are outside the US, do not have a valid non-immigrant visa and an official travel document other than a visa to enter the country.

According to Trump, the move is to help millions of Americans who have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the decision is expected to free up to 5,25,000 jobs in the US, senior administration officials said after Trump issued a proclamation in this regard.

And this is why the Chamber of Commerce and companies like Googlag, Twitter, Faceplant and Apple are up in arms. Now they will actually have to pay what the jobs are worth, and they won’t be able to treat the employees like serfs.

The announcement has come as a shock for a large number of Indian IT professionals and several Indian as well as US firms who were issued H-1B visa for the fiscal year 2021 beginning October 1. With this announcement, all these people will now have to wait till the end of the current year before approaching the US diplomatic missions to receive the stamp

Now for people who are already here under the various visas, it has no effect on them. The followed the law and procedures, as incompetently written as they were, and came here in a legal manner. However, once the jobs are done or the visas expire, they will be leaving and won’t be able to come back right away.

The corporations had been planning to import thousands more workers to replace those who lost their jobs due to the China Virus Panicdemic. This order put the kibosh on those plans and now the corporate types are angry and making their usual offshoring threats.

The US Chamber of Commerce has opposed Trump’s move, calling it a “sweeping attempt”, adding, “restrictive changes to our nation’s immigration system will push investment and economic activity abroad, slow growth, and reduce job creation”.

These lying scum have been pushing a globalist agenda for decades, and have been doing nothing BUT shipping American jobs out of the country. We’ve seen what this has done, thanks to all the manufacturing capacity for medical gear that is now in China. When we started experiencing shortages, China decided to threaten the United States if we didn’t kowtow to their demands. Sure, they can go ahead and ship all that work offshore. There will be the problem that they won’t be able to ship product back into the United States without paying massive tariffs.

I’m of the opinion that most of these visa programs need to be shut down. When someone comes to the United States, I want them to eventually become United States citizens. I also want them to have the American Dream, and being held in virtual servitude to an employer is not that dream. H1B visas do not Make America Great Again. American workers, along with Permanent Resident Aliens who lawfully immigrate, and hopefully become America Citizens, do.

As for the whining crybabies in the corporate boardrooms? I think it’s time to do a real investigation on how many of those visa requests were genuine. I believe they forms are signed under pain of perjury. Throwing a few CEO’s into prison for visa fraud would be very satisfying.


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~The Angry Webmaster~


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