The Great Panicdemic of 2020: Numbnuts Newsom to free 8000 dangerous felons

Good day all. It seems the governor of Kalifornistan, Gavin “Numbnuts” Newsom, has decided that the best way to protect people from the Wuhan Flu is to make sure they are all killed by criminals before they get sick.

This dumbass has announced that he is going to free some 8000 convicted criminals because they might get sick. Never mind the risks to the general population. Here are the details with his excuses from Breitbart:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has already released thousands of prisoners into communities across the state and now he is poised to release as many as 8,000 more by end of July, a move said to be necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This development, which the state announced on Friday, comes after the head of medical services for the state’s prison system was replaced following an inmate infection spike after more than 100 prisoners where transferred from the California Institution for Men in Chino from San Quentin.

These actions are taken to provide for the health and safety of the incarcerated population and staff,” corrections Secretary Ralph Diaz said in a written statement. “We aim to implement these decompression measures in a way that aligns both public health and public safety.”

Public safety? There is a reason these animals are in prison. We aren’t talking about white collar criminals who use computers and never even think about physically harming people, we’re talking about sociopathic scum who have no concern about anyone but themselves. Now, according to the Los Angeles Slimes via Breitbart:

Initial prisoner releases would come from those with 180 days or less left to serve on their sentence. No one serving time for a crime defined in state law as violent or involving domestic violence would be set free, officials said. Those required to register as sex offenders or who are assessed as being a high risk for violence would also be ineligible for early release.

And I’m expected to believe this why? The only ones who should be released are those who have completed their sentences. The rest can sit there and rot.

The second group of prisoners who could be released would have no more than one year left to serve. The releases are aimed at reducing the populations at eight state prisons identified as higher risk for coronavirus transmissions. The same eligibility rules as the first group of released prisoners would apply in these releases.

So now we’re up to criminals who have at least another year on their sentences? Why not just throw open the prisons and let these predators out en mass?

This is serious stuff and requires a seriousness of purpose,” Newsom said in the Times report. “People are just saying just release thousands and thousands of people.”

Each and every one of these cases are sobering, challenging, and there’s a deep responsibility that comes with this job, but a sense of deep urgency as well to decompress the system in a judicious and thoughtful way,” Newsom said.

Decompress the system? That’s a nice way of saying “We’re letting all the criminals out to come rob, rape and murder you. Have a nice day! By the way, you will not be allowed to have a gun and if you defend yourselves, we’ll put you in those now empty cells … if you survive the crime that is.”

Vern Pierson, the D.A. in Northern California’s El Dorado County, called it “concerning” for public safety, and said the criteria being used to decide which inmates to release is unclear.

The Newsom administration also has not made clear whether crime victims and prosecutors will be given notice when an inmate is released or if they will be able to file objections, said Pierson, who serves as president of the California District Attorneys Assn,” the Times reported.

Oh I think it’s safe to say the answer is a big fat no. The first anyone will hear about this is when some newly released convict kills the people who testified against him.

We don’t know what the actual impact of this is going to be. We do know that it’s a high likelihood there will be significant increases in crime,” said Pierson, who added that earlier releases of non-violent prisoners means that those still incarcerated represent the most serious offenders.

I think we can safely assume there is going to be a massive spike in crime, particularly home invasions, since honest people have been placed under house arrest by Numbnuts Newsom.

It’s inescapable that it’s the most dangerous people that are the people that are left in prison,” Pierson said.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that, as of Wednesday, an estimated 104,725 individuals are imprisoned in California’s 35 institutions. Nearly 20,000 inmates would need to be released just to reach 100 percent capacity in the system.

Well I have a solution. Get some old freighters, clean them out so they won’t be a pollution hazard, load all the murders, rapists, etc on them, tow them out into the deep parts of the Pacific and blow the bottoms out. You now have new artificial reefs and a nice food supply for the fish.

Newsom is about to unleash a crime wave on Kalifornistan not seen outside of a Turd World country. Of course, since the Progressive Liberal CommuNazi elite, safe in their heavily guarded gated communities, flat out don’t care about all the “Little People”, they’re fine with Numbuts Newsom doing this. With the police pretty much refusing to go out, and the Moonbats planning on ending all law enforcement in Kalifornistan in short order, the movie “Escape from L.A.” is about to become reality.


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