Is it time to charge the mayor of Seattle with terrorism?

Good day all. About a week ago, (July 30th), Antifa stepped up it’s game by using a car bomb against a police station in Seattle. Rather then blaming the actual source of the action, Jenny “Pickles” Durkan blamed President Trump.

Barking Moonbat

Pickles Durkan has proven herself to by utterly incompetent during the riots, blaming everyone but the rioters themselves. Instead of working with the police to shut down the rioters and terrorists, she has been enabling them. Now the terrorists have started using explosives. Here are the details from PJ Media:

Days after antifa rioters terrorized Seattle, driving in a van full of weapons and explosives in order to set fires and attempt to blow up police departments, Mayor Jenny Durkan focused her attention squarely on President Donald Trump, accusing him of running a “dress rehearsal for martial law.” She claimed that Trump’s efforts to bolster local law enforcement to combat a rising tide of crime and violence have “decreased public safety.” In a press conference addressing the antifa riots, Durkan claimed “the president wants” the violence.

In case this moonbat hasn’t figured it out, President Trump has all he needs to declare martial law in Seattle and send in federal agents and federal troops. That he hasn’t shows that he is still hoping that the elected leadership of the city and the state will finally step up and do their jobs.

I hate to say it, but it looks like this president is doing a dress rehearsal for martial law, sending in federal forces to take over police duties in city after city for political purposes,” the mayor told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Monday. “It is frightening and it’s making things worse. It has not improved public safety, it has decreased public safety.”

President Trump wouldn’t have to send in federal agents if you would actually do the job you were elected to do. Instead, you have thrown your lot in with the BLM and Antifa terrorists groups against your own citizens. The fact that you think President Trump wants Martial Law tells me that you wouldn’t hesitate to initiate it if the roles were reversed. Of course, Mayor Trump would have shut down the criminals and there would have been no need for federal agents to come into the city. You sound like you would do it to protect the terrorists instead.

During the riot, police spotted a van following a group of rioters and stopping just outside the East Precinct. At about the same time, explosions started going off outside the precinct. A witness later told police he or she had seen baseball bats and explosives inside the van earlier in the day.

Police impounded the van. After obtaining a search warrant, they discovered “firework pyrotechnics, smoke bombs, stun guns, bear and pepper spray, makeshift spike strips and gas masks,” the Seattle Times reported.

If there was any question that Antifa is a terrorist front organization, this should put that to rest. So called “Peaceful Protesters” do not show up with weapons and explosives. As for Pickles Durkan? Her levels of delusion know no bounds.

Despite all this heinous violence, Durkan hailed an “historic civil rights reckoning,” claiming that “peaceful protests are good for America and good for our city. They push us to be better. They are a core tenet of who we are as a country.”

This is not protest, this is flat out terrorism with the goal to destroy the United States. The fact that you can not seem to comprehend this shows, at best, what a complete and utter failure you are. At worst? You appear to be committing Sedition, Aiding and Abetting a terrorist organization, conspiracy and, potentially, Treason as defined by the Constitution of the United States.

It seems Durkan agrees with the leftist worldview behind the riots, but that doesn’t mean she has to focus her energy on demonizing the president. How does her fearmongering about Trump supposedly planning “martial law” concretely protect any of the citizens of Seattle?

The answer to that is quite simple. First, Pickles Durkan is actually afraid that President Trump might win reelection, and if he does, the gloves will come off. She and the other Moonbats allegedly administering the Blue controlled cities could find themselves under indictment.

Second, they support the goals of these terrorists. They all want the end of the United States as a free, sovereign republic and institute a Totalitarian Communist state, subservient to the United Nations and the Fascist thugs in Brussels.

As long as President Trump stands in their way, they are terrified of the first and hoping for the second. Fortunately, it looks like, no thanks to the Main Stream Media and their fake polls, that President Trump will win reelection. There is a reason it’s near impossible to buy guns and ammo right now. People see what’s happening in the Blue cities and know that it could happen to them. These are the people who might decide that reelecting President Trump is the right way to go.


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